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Dear Lucky Lucy Volunteers and Supporters,

2018 will be a challenging year for all of us in the Western Cape and that includes the animals we all care for, due to the severe drought we are experiencing. It is very clear to me that the general population has not yet accepted the reality of day zero and is not contributing, as they should, to reducing their water usage. The “pebble in the pool?” effect of day zero and the period that follows will be devastating for all of us and anyone managing a family, a business or indeed an animal shelter should be spending substantial time considering all the effects of day zero and planning accordingly.

I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Suzel Hattingh has accepted the LLF board proposal to assume the position of Chairperson of LLF after I advised the board of my intention to step down to focus on personal and business matters. I’ve also assured the board that I would be available to them in a support and advisory capacity.

Dr. Hattingh purchased the LLF farm for the Foundation three years ago and has since become an indispensable part of the LLF management team. Her long-term commitment to LLF is such that she is the ideal person to guide the Foundation through its next phase of development and ensure its long-term success and survival. I am sure you will all join me in wishing her good fortune and the very best of luck in her new role.

In addition to stepping down from the LLF Chair I have also resigned as Chairperson of the CAWF (Cape Animal Welfare Forum) to allow another person, who is far more informed on the regulatory framework that governs our sector, to assume the role and the responsibility for convincing the regulatory authorities of the need to for radical change to the current legislation.

I have thoroughly enjoyed confronting the challenges of establishing LLF on the farm Dr. Hattingh purchased and gifted to the Foundation, as well managing LLF, interacting with the many colourful and committed individuals within the Foundation and animal welfare the industry at large. I will remember fondly the last six years!

I would like to personally thank the many supporters of LLF for the tremendous financial support they have gifted LLF over the years, without which none of the work we have done so far would have been possible. I sincerely hope that you will continue to support LLF to continue the work they do.

My best wishes to you all
Kind Regards

Richard Green


Recent rescues


Meet an extremely special boy named Ghandi with the 4 kittens he has been looking after for more than a week on the streets in Khayelitsha. He will wait until they finish eating and he will eat the left overs – how special is this boy and again we are humbled to be part of this extremely special journey!

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Ghandi


Meet LUSAKA – the old man who took his long walk to freedom …

Date Rescued : 2018.01.25 Est Date of Birth : 2010.01.19 (8 years)
Every old soul deserves a family and a place to call home. They are not supposed to wander the streets with no one to care where they are or if they are safe or have something to eat. As we made our journey out of Lusaka (in Nyanga) late afternoon just after we’d fetched a mom and her 4 kittens we noticed Lusaka – an old body with a spirit that was about to give up on life.

We knew immediately this boy could not spend another day on the streets – he was tired and his eyes have many stories to tell. It was an easy decision and as he stopped walking and waiting for Bonile to put the leash around his neck we became a bit emotional – it was almost as if this boy knew we came to help him – he did not take another step or try to get away. As he was loaded into our bakkie we told Lusaka that we want him to grow old with a family that will love and cherish him because that is what he deserves. We assured him that we will find him that special family but in the interim we will be that special family that this boy so desperately needs.

We realised again that second chances are a luxury not afforded to so many others living on the streets but we are truly grateful that we have been chosen to be part of this boy’s journey. After we rescued Lusaka we made the long journey to Malmesbury where our vets welcomed this old boy with so much love – we thank them for caring and helping with so much commitment and dedication.

Lusaka was diagnosed with Alopecia over his entire body, Seborrhoea, Hyperkeratosis and although his appetite was still good we need to monitor him as his mucous membranes are pale. The blood smear revealed a mild case of neutrophillia, anaemia (non-regenerative) and the skin scrape confirmed sarcoptes mange. His treatment will be a weekly Ivomec injection, antibiotics for 18 days and regular baths with Sebaderm and regular dips with Ectodex. His next vet visit is in 7 days. Our boy had his first bath today and he is already feeling so much better.

Keep an eye on our page so see the next update on this amazing boy. Lusaka you are home now, a place where you are SAFE, ACCEPTED, VALUED, TREASURED and most of all LOVED – welcome to our family old man.

If you can find it in your heart to contribute towards Lusaka’s rehabilitation we would be extremely grateful. This is how you can financially support this boy on his road to recovery:

Bergzicht Animal Hospital
ABSA Account nr : 4063812698
Branch code 334307
Reference LLF 4833 OR
Directly into our account:



We had another Outreach on 20 January 2018 in Philadelphia where we dipped the dogs in the Community.

Richard, Suzel, Anton, Bonile and Lunga had a very busy day dipping.
An extra thank you to them for making sure that we reached the majority of these dogs in this Community.


Upcoming Events


LLF Fame

Take a minute to be part of Stevie Wonder’s Journey …

And today we are even more proud of our special boy Stevie Wonder … what a long journey it was for him to find his own amazing, loving and caring family.

This boy is absolutely amazing and perfect on so many levels and to think that there were people who didn’t want to give him a chance to experience life filled will love. It is rescue stories like these that really force you to take a minute to realise how special it is to be part of their journey.

Thank you Stevie for teaching us so much – for being an inspiration to many and for making us so proud! Thank you to the amazing Viljoen family who has given a 2nd of our special needs boys an amazing home – you are just as special to us as Stevie Wonder and Steve are.

Read all about Stevie Wonder’s amazing journey and we hope that everyone will realise how amazing and special a special needs cat can be. Thank you to Happy Tails Magazine for featuring our boy and bringing awareness to the people that special needs cats are just as perfect as any other and that they also do deserve a 2nd chance.



Lost and Found


This girl was found in Edgemead, Westhoven street on Fri 26 Jan 2018. Do you know who the owner is?

She is female +/- 10 years old with no microchip. She has since been tested and is negative for Parvo and Distemper.

She will be put up for adoption if she is not claimed within the next 10 days. Please note that you will have to provide proof without a doubt that she belonged to you and we reserve the right to first do a home inspection before she will be placed back into your care.

We’ve named her Patchy so if she belongs to you then please contact us via email at contact@luckylucy.org


Up for Adoption

Kali & Ivy

Please come and meet us – we would love a family of our own! You will love us not only for our looks but also for our amazing personality.

We are open every Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 – 14:00 so please come and meet us.


Gone but not forgotten





Volunteering changes lives – it is the lives of the animals receiving your attention and love as well as the life of the person freely giving of their time, effort and love.

You may not realise this but you are the real life champions in the lives of all our cats and dogs that you cuddle and walk with every weekend. Thank you for volunteering at our Foundation and thank you for showing each and every animal in our care what real love is all about.

Thank you once again for helping us to make a difference that last a lifetime! You are truly amazing each and everyone of you! Thank you for coming and giving your time so selflessly!

Nothing teaches hope, kindness, courage, and compassion like helping others ~ Unknown~

If you would like to enquire about volunteering at the Lucky Lucy Foundation, please email us at volunteer@luckylucy.org and we will forward you all the necessary information to become part of our volunteering team.

Hope to see you soon!


Thank You!


Thank You for your support!

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