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September 2018

Dear Lucky Lucy Family

After a long wet and cold winter we are looking forward to the warmth of the sun’s rays on our beautiful shelter. We can see the physical signs, the new sprouts, the animals molting their winter coats, the return of the migrant birds. But yet for many of our lovable orphans, this year once again they will not find homes. As of today the average time on shelter is 127 days, which sadly means many of our rescues spend their entire lives on shelter.

This is one of our greatest challenges and we appeal for your assistance. If you cannot find an opportunity to foster or even adopt from our shelter, we need your word of mouth around your colleagues and friends. We do love each one of our rescues as our very own, but they really much prefer the security and stability of an owner and a home. To keep our current standard of care, we do rely very much on a sustained level of adoptions and foster parents to enable us to admit new animals in desperate need of care and medical attention. In addition to funding, adoptions are the life-blood of our organisation. In the newsletter below, you’ll find many examples of some of our most highly recommended adoption prospects hand-picked by our amazing volunteers who offer up much of their weekends to care for these animals as if they were theirs. Enjoy this issue and please don’t hesitate to speak to us on Facebook, reply to this email or use the contact details on http://luckylucy.org/contact/.

Looking very much forward to meeting all of you on the farm.

Kind Regards
Team Lucky Lucy


Recent Stories

There is no greater reward when you work in a Community where they are proud of their animals. With Nicole Dunckley is Anna Warries and her grand daughter and their amazing cat named Kitsas Warries.

Kitsas was sterilised and microchipped with a sponsorship received from one of our amazing donors/supporters. Thank you for giving the Klipvlei Community HOPE!


The moments most people never see on our page and are unaware of, some days are more difficult than others and sometimes our emotions run extremely high when you see how badly a precious pet was attacked by other dogs. Fluffy is one of our Outreach dogs from the Keert de Koe Outreach Community and his mom was totally distraught when he was attacked. With no means of transport she phoned us in desperate need of assistance to save Fluffy.

He was very confused, in pain and totally disorientated when we gently removed him from his hiding place. No one is ever prepared for the sadness and trauma of dogs attacking one another. Fluffy is a gentle soul with so much warmth and love for his family. As we loaded him into our bakkie we saw the bond between human and her best friend and we were saddened by his pain.

We made the emergency call to our vets and yet again this weekend we realised what amazing vets we have to help us through some of the most difficult times. We are privileged that they share our passion and compassion for the ones in our care and the ones we look after in the Outreach Communities.

Dr Maryke Bartmann immediately assisted us with Fluffy. She gently examined his little body to determine the extent of his injuries. Fluffy was sedated in order for the wounds to be cleaned and the seriousness of each wound determined.

We are inundated on a daily basis with requests to assist dogs in need but what people don’t see and realise is the hard work and emotional investment that goes into the care of every dog at our facility. Volunteers work long hours during the week and over weekends, some days are 10 hours or more. The passion and love of our dedicated volunteers is commendable and we have no way to thank them for their unselfish dedication to these animals.

We are committed to the dogs in our care and the few in our Outreach Communities and we will try our best to help them whenever and wherever we can, funds permitting, often we assist when we know there are no funds but we are unable to turn a blind eye and live in hope that we will be able to cover the costs somehow.

People need to realise that although we wish we could assist with all the cases brought to our attention about abandoned, distressed or abused dogs it is just not humanly or financially possible for us to assist them all. We are solely dependent on donations from the public and we do not receive any funding from Government. Our current vet bill at Bergzicht is a staggering R49,886.

We have amazing vets who will never hesitate to assist any of our animals and we can never thank them enough for their dedication and passion. To our dedicated volunteers who assist every Saturday and Sunday – early morning till late evening – we would like to say a very special thank you for the passion you share for all of our animals – they appreciate the love too.

Thank you to each donor/supporter who helps us day by day to achieve our goals and make it possible to help the animals that we care for as best we possibly can. We salute each one of you for believing in our cause – without you this would never be possible – thank you for giving us and them hope for a better future.

If you feel that you want to make a financial contribution towards our ever increasing vet bill and in particular Fluffy’s bill we would be eternally grateful.
All financial contributions can be done in the following manner:

Directly to our Vet: Bergzicht Animal Hospital Malmesbury
Acc No: 4063812698
Branch Code: 334307
Reference : LLF 4833


Needs & Plea’s


We are in URGENT NEED of lovingly used and/or new items that can be auctioned off so that we may continue with our mission of caring for and helping animals in need.

Sponsorships, donated goods, vouchers and experiences all make wonderful auction items. Please contact us at a
auction4paws@luckylucy.org should you be able to donate.

All profits will be going towards our ever growing vetbills.

Please visit our auction page for amazing items to spoil either yourself or a loved one : https://www.facebook.com/LLF.Auction4Paws/


Fun Facts & Activities

To a great couple Sean Welgemoed and Marli Rossouw.

Congratulations on taking this exciting step together. May you make your relation a wonderful and a pleasant bond. May your wonderful journey be filled with love and happiness and may you always be filled with love, joy, peace and romance.

Thank you Sean and Marli for choosing the Lucky Lucy Cattery for your engagement photos and to Disco Road Photography for also being amazing during the entire shoot.


Fund Raising & Events

Come experience a purrrrfect morning of Yoga with our feline friends at Lucky Lucy Cattery. First Saturday of every month will have us in Downward Dog with cats roaming happily around us.

As you enter al-CAT-traz, as the cattery is known, you know you are entering a really cared-for environment.

These cats are so happy and healthy as they wait for their forever homes. We aim to raise funds so Lucky Lucy can continue to bring comfort to animals in distress.

Bring the whole family to experience this unique cattery, whilst parents are practicing Yoga, kids can safely walk among the cats.

Space is limited, so please make a donation to book your space.

The Lucky Lucy Foundation is a Registered Non-Profit, Pro-life, Pro-Quality of Life organization that tries to relieve the plight of severely neglected and abused animals.

‘We are all about the social upliftment and education of impoverished children and adults in and around Cape Town, and have been since inception in 2010’.

Make your donations to:

The Lucky Lucy Foundation
Standard Bank
Account nr : 410514039
Branch Code 023910, Cape Gate

If you need any other information, please message Lauren or Hunter. Or email pravaha@flowingnomads.com.

See you on the mat

Taking to the stage in aid of the Lucky Lucy Foundation on Saturday 6 October 2018, is Stellenbosch’s rocking new cover band, MIXTAPE!

Reliving and rocking the best music from the 80s, 90s and featuring the likes of Iwan Kemp from DNA Strings on drums, Francois Esterhuizen from Homez Gomez on bass, Werner Carstens from Cat Stevens fame and Stephan Cloete on guitar.

You’ll experience the thrill of some of your favourite bands, including INXS, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Lenny Kravitz and John Mayer and many more.

Come join in the musical journey down memory lane of MIXTAPE and support the Lucky Lucy Foundation.
A short auction (30 mins) will be held before the show featuring top class items up for grabs to raise funds for the foundation.

Tickets only R120 per person.
Book at Die Boer at 021 979-1911 or 082 574 1651 or online at www.dieboer.com

Pledge your support to Shelter Animals this Christmas!

Please share this post so that we can make Christmas 2018 a memorable for all our animals in need.

Please support this absolutely amazing initiative from Santa Cause for Paws where shelter animals will receive their own Christmas boxes with something special in it.

Santa Cause for Paws collects gifts for shelter animals, township animals, outreach organisations and feral colonies. For most this will be the only act of kindness that we as humans can show towards the voiceless.

Pledging a box will open on the 15th of September 2018 on the website of Santa Cause for Paws.

Each pack must please contain at least 5 items that will include the following:
(1) Two things yummy
(2) Something Special
(3) Something Fun
(4) Something Useful
(5) optional can be Something for staff who watch over them

You can find out more on

You can also buy goodies off their shop at
https://shop.santapaws.co.za/ – they sell amazing personalised mugs, baby blankets and more.

Up for Adoption

Name: Deene

Estimated Birthdate: 2014-01-31
Color: Tabby and white
Sex: Male
Sterilised: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
FeLV & FIV Status: Negative for FeLV and FIV
Adoption Fee: R700

Reason for entry : He was taken to Bluecross Vet by a kind lady that had taken him from a man carrying the cat on the street and who told them the cat was hit by car and is in distress. X-rays showed that his pelvis was broken and he was placed on strong pain medication. Deene became part of the Lucky Lucy family after he was unclaimed and he needed a safe place to heal. He has since recuperated amazingly but has a slight limp when he walks – this gives him even more attitude to go with those beautiful blue eyes of his.

“I’m sexy and I know it!” Deene is one self-confident boy with a major attitude and a zest for life! With a gorgeous face, especially those amazing blue eyes, who will ever be able to resist giving him loads of cuddles and love!

This big bundle of joy and love has everything you will love about your new feline companion. His vibrant and exciting personality will definitely make sure that you are completely defenseless against his charm. One look and your heart will melt, this boy will be the love of your life. You will definitely not only adopt a boy with looks alone you will have a boy with a very warm personality.

Adopt Thorin:
Thorin loves belly rubs and playing ball. She needs regular exercise and lots of attention as she is a little unsure of herself at times. But with patience and lots of cuddles she soon comes out of her shell.
Size: Medium female
Estimated date of birth: 2017/02/05
Contact: adoption@luckylucy.org

Our dear James just turned 8 years old today!! We will give him a little party but for his next birthday we would like to see him in a home.

James is a very busy , very playfull boy. He likes to help with gardening and cooking. He is very social and will definitly liven up any room.

If you would like to offer this little lap dog a home of his own please contact foster@luckylucy.org

It takes a long time to become this sweet. Fiona has always been a very soft spoken and gentle dog. She never causes a fuss or makes a scene. She is always a lady. Fiona is very social and enjoys her short walks. Although she gives it her best those old bones don’t let her walk too far.

Fiona has already spent 5 years with us and by the end of the year she will be 10 yeras old. As much as we love her we would be thrilled to send her off to a loving home she can call her own.

For more information please contact foster@luckylucy.org

#GoldenOldies #AdoptDontShop

McBeth is one of our oldest residents at the farm. Although she is still very young in spirit we know she would love to settle down. She prefers the less rambunctious dogs and would love to spend her retirement strolling through the park or on the beach. She is the perfect companion couch potato and would make the winter a lot cosier for whomever decides to open their hearts and home to our old lady

For more information please contact foster@luckylucy.org
#FosterFriday #AdoptDontShop

Adopt Onyx:
Onyx is exactly what her name means – a real gem. She is a clever and feisty girl. She loves being cuddled and would return that love in abundance.
Size: Medium female
Estimated date of birth: 2012/01/01
Contact: adoption@luckylucy.org

Adopt Austin:
Austin is looking for an extra special person to give him a chance to know real love. Someone who doesn’t care that he’s not a pedigree, someone to show him that he is not disposable, someone to bring back the sparkle in his eyes and the shine to his coat, someone to restore his spirit and get that little tail wagging again, someone to take a chance on him and see what he can become.

Size: Medium Male
Estimated date of birth: 2010/01/01
Contact: adoption@luckylucy.org

Adopt Rexy:

Rexy is a sweet intelligent girl who can be a little shy at first.
She needs sufficient exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and would be best suited to a home where she is not left alone too much.

Size: Medium female
Estimated date of birth: 2017/04/23
Contact: adoption@luckylucy.org

Nero (5): A handsome boy who is loving and goofy. He would make a perfect companion to any lonely person.

Tessa (9) has been waiting for her furever home for a few years now.
She is a special needs furkid so will have to go to a very special home where they can provide her with good food with joint supplements as well as medication for her back problem. She needs regular veterinary treatment at her specialist. In return she will shower you with love. She walks very well on a leash and loves to be lazy on her bed. She is the perfect old lady for someone who is prepared to take her home.

Please apply at: adoption@luckylucy.org


Happy Homing’s & updates

Update on Lusaka aka Luka:
The old man who stole my heart: I am fostering Luka as part of the Lucky Lucy Foundation’s Golden Oldie foster program. Please consider fostering an old dog – they are so grateful and eager to please.

Happy Homing: Sweetie Pie now called Jenny with her brother Jamie – match made in heaven.

Update on Sushi: Thanks to the Golden Oldie foster program Sushi is now experiencing the joy of a family and a home to call her own.



An enormous THANK YOU to the United Rebels MCC Cape Town for their donation of cat and dog food as well as their donation of R10 000 raised at their recent event. What can we say – only that we admire the commitment and dedication of our young volunteer Kari who was the inspiration of this donation. Thank you to the Rebels for their support and kind hearts. We salute you!

Our biggest challenge is to raise funds to cover our monthly expenses of R250 000. You can help make this possible by making Lucky Lucy Foundation a beneficiary on My School card. Maximum beneficiaries per card is 3 – therefore you can continue to raise funds for your school as well. If you need help with your application please email contact@luckylucy.org. How it works….Every time you use your card at any of the partner stores they’ll give back a percentage of your purchase value, on your behalf, to The Lucky Lucy Foundation at absolute no cost to you! So please get your FREE card today and link us as your beneficiary. Every swipe counts! https://www.myschool.co.za/supporter/apply/


Over the Rainbow bridge

We had to say our goodbyes to a legend…RANGER – You were LOVED by so many of us!

And as God looked down upon this earth, he saw your tired body and he send his angels to enfold you in their wings and prepare you for your journey home. He knew that you would never get well on this earth again so he made us realise what was best for you – to make you whole again.

We were just so sad that our dreams of finding you your own loving family will now never become a reality. No one will ever know what it meant to lose you – how special you really were. As you left you surely took a piece of our hearts with you. We never wanted to give up on you but we realised that it will be selfish to make you stay when you are not free from pain. We could never bear the thought of you suffering so although we were not ready to let you go, we forced ourselves to say our silent good byes as our vet gave us the sad news. We were by your side as we set you free – fly our precious one for now you are going home.

And although we have come to the end of this road, and the sun has set for you, remember the love that we had for you. We will always try to get comfort from the special moments we shared, the special walks we had on Saturdays and the times where you could not get enough of digging after the moles. Those are the moments and memories that we will treasure in our hearts when we think of you. One thing is for sure – our walks without you will never be the same again.


Thank You’s


Thank You for your support!

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