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March 2020

Dear LLF Supporters

We are excited to share with you everything we've been up to the last three months of this year, and its been such a hectic one, we are almost looking forward to 2021!

With the Coronavirus pandemic, everyone in South Africa are all pretty much on lockdown, every day brings new anxieties, and preys on our insecurities. We are fully committed to ensuring LLF comes out of this crisis able to maintain our current standard of care for our animals and to continue being a symbol of hope in our community. It's going to be difficult for all of us, but we will see this through.

The next few months are going to be very challenging and we will do all we can to ensure we protect our volunteers and staff from this disease, as with all of us, social isolation is the most effective way to prevent the rapid spread we are seeing every day. We have undertaken every necessary measure to ensure we remain business as usual, and the animals in our care will always come first.

We thank you our loyal supporters by always standing behind us and allowing us to do what we love. It's going to be difficult for all of us, but we will see this through with your encouragement and support.

Stay safe out there, folks
Team LLF

(1 January 2019 - 31 December 2020)

Cats : 111
Dogs : 37
Other : 1 x Chicken named Daisy from a Broiler Farm

Adoptions :
Cats : 81
Dogs : 40
Other : 1 x sheep adoption

Permanent Fosters:
Cats : 20
Dogs : 9

Current Population on 29 February 2020:
Cats : 316
Dogs : 159
Other : 3 x Chickens
 3 x Tortoises
Food per month consumed by our animals:
Cats : 330kg
Dogs : 1.9 ton

Work force responsible to look after our animals:

Cats : 5 Permanent Staff Members
Dogs : 9 Permanent Staff Members

Intakes as from 1 January 2020
Cats : 18
Dogs : 6


Cats : 14
Dogs : 4
Permanent Fosters :
Cats : 3
Dogs : 1

New Additions from other Shelters

We provided a lifeline to 3 dogs from Animal Lighthouse Shelter that were closing down.

Welfare is tough and shutting down a shelter is even tougher. When Animal Lighthouse in Vredenburg could no longer continue their operations at the end of last year we took in their two oldest dogs and another boy they had nowhere to go with.
Although our numbers are on the increase and finding a space for one dog let alone three is difficult we felt we had to assist.

Welcome Sir Nicolaas, Puzzle and Seun to the Lucky Lucy family and a huge thank you to Mai Unger for the heartbreaking task of going to collect them and settle them in at their new home.

Sir Nicolaas and Puzzle are two of 68 senior dogs in our care and are available as fosters on our Golden Oldie foster program. Please email adoption@luckylucy.org for more information on our foster program. We would love nothing more than our golden oldies to live out their golden years in a home - they deserve it!

You can also consider becoming their very own guardian angel for as little as R100/month by emailing us at guardianangel@luckylucy.org should you wish to be part of their lives.

To adopt a golden oldie or one of our many other amazing canine companions please come and meet them on a Saturday or Sunday between 10h00 - 14h00 and show them some love.
Adopted copy
It is all about 2nd chances - we took in another 8 animals from a local shelter who cannot financial cope with the number of animals in their care.

All of us sometimes need a break from the day-to-day demands. Animal Welfare is an extremely challenging environment and emotionally draining on everyone involved. The primary focus is and always must be the animals in ones care. We truly do have understanding for the day-to-day demands and struggles when managing a shelter.
It is emotionally not easy walking into a shelter and deciding which animals are going with you and whom you have to leave. Everyone wants that chance but being realistic you know you can only afford to look after the total that you are came for. There is an instant bond between everyone and aAs heartbreaking as this is it is also rewarding at the same time

So when we hear of another shelter struggling and we can assist then we will open our doors and hearts to welcome new family members into our care. We know all too well that as much as the human side needs a break so does the animals as well. With limited funding and volunteer hands it sometimes leave the human side in rescue despondent and helpless and so we sometims need a miracle doesn’t matter how small it is. So for this reason we welcomed 3 new dogs and 5 new cats into our existing family during February and we are happy to say that all of them have settled in and enjoying their new environments.

Welcome to our FAMILY!

Available for Adoption

To adopt one of these amazing personalities please visit our Sanctuary any time (you don’t need an appointment) on a Saturday or Sunday between 10h00 - 13:30 and show them some love. You can also send us an email at cattery@luckylucy.org should you require more information on any of them.

To adopt one of these amazing personalities please visit our Sanctuary any time (you don’t need an appointment) on a Saturday from 11:30 - 14:00 or a Sunday between 10h00 - 13:30 and show them some love. You can also send us an email at adoption@luckylucy.org should you require more information on any of them.

Be my Valentine

We just want to thank everyone who helped to make our rescue's Valentine's day special! It was an extra hot weekend on the farm so it was the perfect end to a day filled with so much love. Thanks to everyone who came and spent time with them and all the brave volunteers for enduring the heat and all the special people who sponsored a Valentine!🍦❤
🐶 And for anyone wondering, all of these guys are patiently waiting for their forever home. Don't you perhaps know someone who wants to open up their heart and home to a 4-legged ice cream connoisseur?
For information on any of these dogs please email us at adoption@luckylucy.org
📞Or call us on 072 779 7424
Valentine's Day Treats copy

Yoga with the Lucky Lucy Cats

- the LOVE FLOW on 15 February 2020
This was our first Yoga event for 2020 and also our first ever early bird morning session that started at 08:00. The heat on the farm is sometimes unbearable and we have decided to make our events much earlier to ensure that it is a more pleasant experience for everyone.

Our garden is a gentle, sympathetic space where everyone that took part in this amazing event had the opportunity to be still and breathe the tranquility around them. It was a chance to be gentle to the soul - their escape from the daily demands.
A huge THANK YOU to FLOWING NOMADS, SCHOOL OF YOGA (Lauren Hertz Mensikovas) who made this amazing event become a reality and huge success. THANK YOU STACEY VERONICA CLIFTON who ensures that each event is such a memorable occasion for everyone where each attendees give something back to themselves and to our amazing cats who joined them on the mat.

Thank you Stacey for guiding everyone through the gentle Yoga flow sequences and thank you for the beautiful way you touched so many lives. During these events, Stacey is guiding the group through physical, mental, and spiritual practices in order for them to find some balance and quietness from the day-to-day rush we find ourselves in.
We also need to convey a special message of appreciation and thankfulness to each donation received by everyone who booked their spot and/or donated towards the event. Always remember that there will be no story, no hope and no new beginning for the animals in our care if it isn’t for amazing people like yourselves that continue to support our fundraising initiatives. It is people like yourself that care and wants to make a difference that helps us to give the souls entering our Sanctuary a new beginning and restored hope in humanity. Be kind, be thoughtful and be gentle to yourself till our next event.

*Be the energy you want to attract!


The Lucky Lucy Foundation is always looking for dedicated volunteers, to give their time, love and energy to one of the rescued animals in our care. Volunteering just feels good! When you look at the reasons why volunteering is important, it’s not only about the impacts we can make - the time spent with animals is never wasted; it’s a proven de-stressor that enhances your lifestyle and emotional health.
Volunteering to help animals means more than just cleaning up messes or interacting with the animals. Some people cannot get themselves to visit a shelter but please don’t turn away from wanting to to help. There are so many other ways that you can have a significant impact in the lives of each of our animals. We have a website and various social networking profiles, we DO NEED tech-savvy people to help maintain a web and social presence. We also NEED party planners, cooks, and artists to help advertise and run outreach events. We also NEED handy people who can assist with maintenance work on the farm or build storage structures and play equipment for our animals.

We DO NEED writers and artists that can pair compelling rescue stories and pet profiles with attractive videos and photos to share on our social media pages and website. No matter what your passion and specialty, we can really need your help and assistance please. We're always excited for people to get involved. So if you have the time and love animals, contact us on 📞 072 779 7424 or send us an email at volunteer@luckylucy.org.
WISHLIST - These are the items that we are always in need of
Aubumn Wishlish

Ways to help us raise
much needed funds

Our Guardian Angel Program
The work we do at the Foundation is funded entirely by public donations. Your support is therefore vital if we are to make a lasting difference to the animals’ lives who we have the privilege to save. Your gift today - whatever sum you choose to give - will help us save animals from suffering and give them the expert treatment and care they need.
When you sign up to make a monthly tax- deductible donation, you are ensuring that we have the resources to give every animal food, shelter, love and medical care while they await their forever homes.
On average it costs the Foundation approximately R150 000 per month to run our Sanctuary, that covers the basic necessities. In addition we often have additional expenses in terms of emergency medical treatment and sterilisations for the animals in our underprivileged communities.

If you want to become a special sponsor to one of our animals or help us in general with funding to make sure that we give them the best they deserve then please email us at guardianangel@luckylucy.org for more information.

All your donations go directly to the animals providing food, shelter, enrichment, a clean environment and veterinary care. Every donation received are completely tax-deductible and we will gladly provide you with the necessary certificate upon request.
As always, THANK YOU, for your support and confidence in our Foundation and the work we do on a daily basis. Without you they won’t have a second chance!

Why Sponsor an Animal?
Would you like a pet, but your landlord that won't let you adopt? SPONSOR AN ANIMAL BY BECOMING HIS/HER GUARDIAN ANGEL!
Do you love animals but can't have one because of allergies? SPONSOR AN ANIMAL BY BECOMING HIS/HER GUARDIAN ANGEL!
Do you already have a full household, but you see that special animal you'd like to help? SPONSOR AN ANIMAL BY BECOMING HIS/HER GUARDIAN ANGEL!
Are you looking for a meaningful birthday or anniversary gift for yourself or someone special in your life? SPONSOR AN ANIMAL BY BECOMING HIS/HER GUARDIAN ANGEL OR SPONSOR AN ANIMAL ON BEHALF OF THAT SOMEONE SPECIAL!

We have a 1000 raffle tickets at R100 per ticket which could mean a massive donation of R75000 to the Foundation and R25000 to the winning ticket should we be able to sell all 1000 tickets. This definitely is a win-win situation.
The animals will receive 75% of all raffles sold and the winning ticket will receive 25% of the sold tickets.
To buy your tickets simply email your name, cellphone number and proof of payment to caroline@luckylucy.org and she will be in contact with you regarding the next step.
The Foundation truly need this extra funds to help us make sure we can take care of our financial commitments. Time is running out and there is still quite a few tickets available.

Payments can be made directly into our bank account at:

Lucky Lucy Foundation
Standard Bank
Account Nr : 410514039
Cheque account
Cape Gate: 023910
Ref : PAW/Your Name
OR VIA SNAPSCAN AND ZAPPER (just send a screen shot of your transaction with your email to Caroline)

MySchool / MyVillage / MyPlanet

The majority of our funds are spent giving our animals the best care we can afford as a shelter and to make sure that each one has food, a safe and warm place to sleep and access to medical care when they need it.

By getting your MyPlanet card and linking the Lucky Lucy Foundation to your card as a beneficiary will definitely help us make a difference where it is needed the most. All you have to do is to enjoy your shopping at any of the following participanting companies :

This is the amounts we got the past 3 months and we are hoping to increase this drastically with your help:
November 2019 R7050.09
December 2019 R7732.44
January 2020 R7329.12

All you need to do is SMS the word “JOIN” and LUCKY LUCY FOUNDATION to 31231 e.g. Join. Lucky Lucy Foundation and they will call you to complete the signup process.(SMS is free)
Click on the link to apply for your card:
Update your details with your beneficiary:
* Also remember you can donate to more than one beneficiary.
You can also link your Woolworths card to your MyPlanet card by clicking on this link:

Your Everlasting Legacy

Please remember the Lucky Lucy Foundation in your will. Your bequest (a bequest is property given by your Last Will and Testament) and any other donation mean that we as a Foundation can continue with our ongoing goals to give the “NO HOPE” animals a chance to a new beginning. Our aim with every animal is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome but we know that some of them will take a little bit longer and some might never completely trust again. For those we will be the only family that they will know until the day that they close the chapters on their lives permanently.

If you want to contribute and want to leave your own legacy behind to the special ones that our Community see as not so perfect or as outcasts then please the Lucky Lucy Foundation would love to make it a reality for you and the animals.
You can get in touch with our volunteer treasurer and Board member, Caryn Allen (caryn@luckylucy.org) who will assist you with the necessary information in this regard.

Why we will always need
a Vet Account

A message of sorrow, downheartedness but also a message of hope that we try our utmost best to be there for the ones that really need us the most. We do hope that you will find compassion in your heart for the sometimes very difficult circumstances we just have to assist with. A cat or a dog does not care how much money we have - all what they care about is being loved, treated with respect and dignity.
(1) Where do we as a Foundation draw the line when we are asked for medical assistance. Our current outstanding balance on our vet bill is R39779 . When do you turn your back and walk away? There are so many opinions but so little hands on the ground to help us make the difficult decisions.

We all get so caught up in the moments of what we're doing every day, that it is hard to hit that reset button and get pulled away from all our daily drama - it is hard to find the time to give something back of yourself. Instead we always find a reason as to why it needs to be others that have to get involved, as long as it is not us - they are stronger so they can do it. Life is not just about a series of calculations with a sum total of statistics who other people needs to deal with - it is about everyone’s involvement.

For some volunteers there is no choice in the matter because everyone is important that crosses their path. They don’t have the luxury to only deal with their own life dramas but they also have to deal with the dramas other people create. In so many instances we find ourselves thinking of the yesterdays almost more often than the tomorrows because it seems as if we cannot find ourselves to move forward and treat all living beings equally. Sometimes we struggle to see life from a different perspective.
So often you will hear people say that they don’t know how volunteers are able to cope with the sadness, misery and sorrow when dealing with animals in distress. These words often leave volunteers alone with fear of the tomorrows because you can speak to no one and there is no one to help ease the burden. You can’t have the empathy for somebody that’s going through situations you haven’t. So many people, although they care, don’t want to get involved and turn their back to what is happening in an effort to protect themselves rather than to help with the fight against cruelty.

Actual volunteering is a very lonely and heartbreaking part of your life and although we will change this for nothing - we would appreciate all the assistance we can get to put a stop to the craziness we are finding ourselves in on a daily basis. And if this is not enough then you also need to focus on raising much needed funds for a staggering vet bill. If there is no funding then you have to turn your back and walk away - this must be the hardest burden anyone can place on a volunteer.

PLEASE get involved make it easier for the ones that needs to be where you don’t want to be! There are many months that we cannot pay our vet bill and it rolls over to the next month and so it gets higher and higher. We know everyone is struggling and we cannot always continue to ask but please help us to at least keep our vet bill under control. Any amount of donation makes the difference.

We will continue to mourn the unnecessary deaths, neglect and abuse of animals that we simply cannot assist. To those that we can we will try our utmost best and although we as a Foundation might not have much we do have an amazing supporter base that try and strengthen our hands and impact on ground level.

Please email your POP to contact@luckylucy.org so that we can personally thank you and also to keep our records up to date (should you pay the donation directly into the vet account) should you request a Section 18(a) Tax Certificate. Yes, please remember that all your donations to our Foundation are tax deductable and we can issue you with a Section 18(a) Certificate upon request.
We will appreciate all the support we can get:

Financial Donations:
Directly into our Bank account:
Standard Bank
Account number 410514039

Branch code 023910,
Cape Gate
 Swift Code SBZAZAJJ

Ref: VETBILL/your name
Donations directly into our Vet account:
Bergzicht Animal Hospital Malmesbury:

ABSA Account 4063812698

Branch code 334307

Reference LLF 4833

Thank you for believing in us and for always supporting us!

Thank You

Bianca Breetike
Their is just no words to say how absolutely amazing you are!

A huge THANK YOU to Johannes Burger from OBIN Wealth Management.
Thank you seems like such small words but please know it comes from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for your amazing initiative in order to to make sure that each of our dogs had a lovely morning spend walking and therefore receiving much needed attention and love. Thank you for also spending time of our cats - giving cuddles and attention and make them feel extra special.

Your thoughtfulness and dedication showed us that absolutely nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it ... when you work towards a common goal to achieve such a big act of kindness.

On behalf of our team we want to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to each and everyone that helped and attended this very very special initiative. It truly is a privilege to have your support and confidence and to have met such amazing people. Thanks to volunteers and supporters like yourself we are able to continue providing our animals with a Sanctuary that are special, a place they can call home and a place where they get to know kindness and love!


THANK YOU ... for being part of our FAMILY!

Upcoming events

14 March 2020 - Durbanville Plaasfees 2020
28 March 2020 - Lucky Lucy Quiz Night
28 March 2020 - Merchandise at Durban Ville Racecourse Craft Market
29 March 2020 - Microchipping and Merchandise at The Barn
4 April 2020 - Durbanville Pet Market


You have your wings now - fly free while the winds carry you to the other side!
Goodbyes are not forever, Goodbyes are not the end, they simply mean that we will miss you until we meet again one day!
Panda 21 February 2020 (aged 7 years)
Gaza 12 February 2020 (10 years and 2 months)
Gina 10 January 2020 (6 years and 9 months)
Kia 26 November 2019 (4 years)
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Thank You for your support!
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