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Adoption Application Forms

If after reading our information about adoption you feel that you are ready to adopt, please click on the relevant application form below to download it :

I want to apply to adopt a Dog or a Puppy / a Cat or a Kitten

As per indicated in the adoption procedure and in the forms, you will need to read the form, initial each page and sign on the last page, and then send it by email to

Please note that we always do our best to come back within two business days, but kindly note that most of these processes are being managed by our team of volunteers, so we thank you in advance for bearing with us in case of any delays.

Tell us about your adoption experience with LLF !

Whether it was a good or a not so good one, please tell us! Have you experienced any unusual delays, issues or would like to express concerns about the adoption process you have been through or the people you have been dealing with? Or was it a great experience and you are very thankful to the LLF team for it? Please let us know by emailing and sharing your thoughts, comments and suggestions with us, and we thank you in advance for helping us grow and improve !