Golden Oldie Foster Program

Foster homes are essential to provide the care needed for some of our older or more sensitive rescues. We need foster homes for those who need to get a better opportunity outside of the shelter and do not cope with the shelter environment. 

We run Golden Oldie Foster program, this is a permanent foster home for the duration of their senior years. The foster takes responsibility for the food and parasite control and Lucky Lucy covers the veterinary bills. Foster homes are able to assist in overcoming any side-effects and stress the animal is experiencing from their journey and helps us make the best decisions on placement and needs for our pets.

Foster parents are entitles to free veterinary support for their fosters. All vaccinations, boosters, ad-hoc veterinary treatments are at no cost to the foster. All we ask of you is to introduce the animal to family life worthy of a well loved pet, in a stress-free, loving environment and keep us updated on their progress and advise when the quality of life call needs to be made. 

To become a Foster parent, please fill out the relevant application forms below, sign it and send to the relevant email address: (Dogs: (Cats: