Giving Back

2016-11-28 at 15:21

28 November 2016

To the Supporters and Volunteers of the Lucky Lucy Foundation

Giving back!

In the spirit of the nearing holiday season, a time known for giving, we are giving back to loyal supporters.

Running the day to day operations at LLF is a daunting task – not only because of the atrocities we come across every day, but we are in constant need of financial assistance to look after the animals currently in our care and to assist with the new cases that are brought to us almost daily.

We have a spectacular following of almost 39 000 people on our Facebook page and if every follower could commit to donating R100 per month, we would be able to run the Foundation without the constant worry about money.

If our supporters sign a debit order, it enables us to plan ahead as
we have a better idea of promised donations we can rely on.

In giving back, and showing our thanks to our supporters, we are offering a special thank you gift to 10 supporters via a lucky draw that sign a debit order for a year, before 14 January 2017.

This gift comprises of a t-shirt (subject to size and availability), a set of earrings and an LLF recipe book. (Gift pack to be collected from the farm.)

You can get more information at this link. Specify how you would like your donation to be used with this form, and here is the bank debit order instruction. For more information, email us at


Thank You for your support!

Lucky Lucy Farm
No 28 Klipvlei

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