How to care for cats

2020-10-13 at 18:57


How to Care for Cats

Cats, much like their famous counterparts dogs, are quite important to humans. Like dogs, they are among the most domesticated set of animals. They enjoy attention and affection as they like to be touched, stroked and cuddled. They are also playful, adorable and are ideal pets for most pet lovers.

As a pet parent, whether you have an independent cat who does not need much human interaction or you have one that will always want to sit on your lap for a cuddle, it is your responsibility to care for it. Keeping them happy and healthy by providing and caring for them should be your primary concern.

Cats are not maintenance free but at the same time, they are low maintenance when compared to dogs. They are however not all the same and some will require more care and attention than others. They can easily fit into most schedules even when you are busy as they are quite independent. They are also suitable for small spaces and flats.

Ways to Care for Your Cat

Caring for your pet not only helps keep it healthy, but will also help prolong its life. Below are some ways you can do this.

Regular Grooming

While some felines have short furs, for some others, theirs are longer. No matter the kind of fur your pet has, combing and brushing it will benefit it greatly. Doing this helps remove dirt and dead hair while also straightening and untangling it. It will also afford you the opportunity to check if there are mites, fleas, or any other irregularities like lumps or sores on its body.

Asides the benefits to your cat, it is somewhat of a benefit to you too as lose hair will not litter your home or car. You should also trim its nails to avoid both of you getting hurt. It is preferable to start grooming from when your feline is young so it gets used to this as it grows older.

Providing the Right Food and Fresh Water

Feeding your feline the right kind of food and quantity based on its age is essential. The timing too should be put into consideration. Most like to eat at dawn and at dusk and these are the best times to feed them. You should avoid overfeeding or giving them foods that cats are allergic to. Be careful when changing their diet and ensure it contains a balance of proteins, carbs, vitamins, and fats. 

As a pet owner, you must learn to read and understand food labels so that you are not feeding your cat the wrong thing. In addition to all these, always ensure that clean water is available for drinking. It is important for its health so you need to replenish this fresh water daily. You can learn more about feeding your pet here.

Make Available Litter Boxes

You should not only provide litter boxes for your cat, you should encourage its use by keeping it clean. Generally, for each cat, you have to provide a litter box and add an extra one. Keeping them clean may mean checking regularly during the day to scoop any waste that may have been deposited in them. This could also be an advantage as you can easily notice a change in your feline’s stool or urine if there is a health issue.

If you notice it urinates or stools outside the litter box, it may be that the litter box is dirty or it can be a more serious issue that resulted in a change of habit. Make sure to keep an eye to ascertain if there is anything wrong and take immediate action if there is.

Regular Visits to the Vet

An important part of caring for your pet is making sure that it is healthy always and this you can do by regularly taking it to the vet for routine checkup whether it is sick or not. In the case of a health issue, do not let it linger or fester but have it checked as soon as possible.

Create a clean environment free of germs and disease and as much as you can, avoid letting your cat go to places where it can easily contract diseases. Another thing is to vaccinate effectively to prevent certain diseases.

In selecting a vet, chose one that is cat-friendly and those that specialize in feline health and anatomy.

Provide Toys and Play with Your Pet

Even if you have an independent feline or if you are busy, once in a while take time to play with your cat. As mentioned earlier, they like being touched and cuddled. It will make your feline friendly as well as relatable. It is also good for its health. You can play fetch by throwing a ball so that it retrieves it.

Also, provide cat-friendly toys for it to play with. They like to amuse themselves and can turn almost any small and light object into a toy. Ensure that the toys are not easy to swallow so that it does not choke on them.

Common household items like ping pong ball, round plastic curtain rings, empty cardboards and even children can amuse them.

Make Your Home Cat-proof

The potential for accidents happening lurks at every corner. Just like you will be careful with kids and not allow them go to some places or eat some things, the same can apply here. Keep hanging drapery and electrical cords out of sight and remove dangerous substances including poisonous plants and flowers.

You should put away all medicines, cover toilet seats and waste bins. You can even use a fence as an obstacle to limit where your feline goes. Keep in mind though that they are sleek and can climb heights. 

Other ways to care for your feline include brushing its teeth, using a cat carrier when driving it in the car, providing a scratching post as well as spraying and neutering it.

You can check out Pet Cat Friends for more ways to care for your cat.


Cats can provide you with companionship and friendship when you need them to. In return, you have to find ways of ensuring they are well taken care of. The tips above are a starting point. You should understand your feline and its peculiarities and take steps to ensure its wellbeing.