LLF Adoption Issue March 2017

2017-03-28 at 22:19

29 March2017

To the Supporters and Volunteers of the Lucky Lucy Foundation

Dear Lucky Lucy Volunteers and Supporters,

Today we come to you with our tails between our legs, begging for a future for the many pups in our care. It’s been raining pups the last couple of months and the sad reality is that there are just not enough homes coming forward to offer these gorgeous little ones forever homes.

The bigger pups, around 5 to 6 months old, will now have to give up their foster home to make space for the little ones that also need TLC. These bigger pups will now have to get used to life at the shelter. How do we tell them there will be no more sleeping on beds at night? No more constant human attention, for in the shelter they must share attention with 200 other furkids.

We also have young adults (1-year-old) and older furkids of various ages that have never been part of a real family or are eagerly waiting for a second chance with a family of their own. Will this mean a future of only living in a shelter for them? Growing old… with no family of their own?

PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! Help us to find homes for them. If you cannot adopt, please share their pleas with family and friends… and even strangers! Your help in securing their future will be much appreciated. Remember by adopting a furkid, you save the life of TWO furkids: the one you adopt and the one who will fill the opening at our shelter!


Please adopt me…


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Thank You for your support!

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