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Nov 2017

Dear Lucky Lucy Volunteers and Supporters

The Festive season fast approaches and many of you will be busy planning your annual ‘trek’ to the beach house or re-arranging the furniture to accommodate visiting family. Whichever way you intend spending your festive season we hope your plans go off without a hitch and you get to spend valuable time with your loved ones, which we at Lucky Lucy know, includes your 4-legged family!

Any LLF adopters looking for a temporary home for your 4-legged canine please don’t forget that LLF has 20 kennels available for hire, where you can be sure your dog will be well tended during your well-deserved break.

The Festive season is also a season of giving and we ask that somewhere in that already stressed budget you find a small portion to donate to LLF to allow us to maintain our efforts during this period, which is always a busy time in animal rescue.

Travel safely when you do and please visit us at the shelter after your safe return.

Our kind regards and best wishes

The LLF Team


Pleas and Needs

Welcome to Lucky Lucy, Sniffles…

Sniffles is a 6 month old female who was rescued on 21 November 2017 and suffers from a skin condition.

She has multiple skin abscesses, draining tracts and generalised alopecia. Her skin scrape shows Demodex 4+ Mange.
The good news is that she can be treated. She will receive oral Ivomec once a day for three weeks, Ectodex dip twice a week and antibiotics for at least 6 weeks. She needs an injectable parasiticide Ivomec as well.

This young girl needs her treatment ASAP, please consider donating in order to help her. Sniffles has endured so much and she needs s omeone to show her kindness – be that person for her.

The name “Sniffles” can mean having an emotional power that could drive you to accomplish your ambitions and do something worthwhile. The ideals of this name urge you to stand up for the victims in this world. Our girl, Sniffles, is definitely one of those victims. Please help her transform from a victim into a champion.

Ways to sponsor: food and medical bills. Any amount will be greatly appreciated!


Please help our boy, Cash with his medical bill …

If we look back to where it all started on the 23rd of November 2014 we cannot help but be overwhelmed with the emotions of that specific day when he joined our family. Left behind in a small garden to fend for himself dependent on neighbours who threw food over the wall.

There were times when we had to take a step back and just let him be, times we had to understand why things do not always go according to our plans and time frames. During our lowest times and our toughest moments he decided to start trusting us – we are so proud of him for holding on and for giving everyone a second chance to show him what love and life is all about.

It has been a difficult medical road for him too, there were moments we thought we were going to lose him but he showed us what a courageous and brave boy he truly is. We haven’t been successful in finding him a home yet but we most definitely will try our best to make life as easy and comfortable for him until we do.

Cash was taken to our vets on the 21st of July 2017 because his left sclera (the white outer layer of the eyeball) was continually red and no medication was assisting. One morning we noticed blood coming from the eye and immediately rushed him to our vets. The vet found a growth on his third eyelid, he was given medication and he was referred to the Eye Specialist, Dr Goodhead at the Panorama Animal Eye Hospital for a second opinion and specialist treatment.

On the 11th and 14th of August 2017, Cash went to see Dr Goodhead for the second opinion and to discuss a treatment protocol in terms of his left eye. Dr Goodhead’s diagnosis was that Cash either had Squamous Cell Carcinoma or SCC ( due to sun exposure) or Hemangiosarcoma. Cash was scheduled to have the mass on the eyelid removed and Dr Goodhead discussed the advantages of tattooing the left sclera to help him cope better with the direct sunlight. He discussed the data from research done at Onderstepoort indicated that animals with pale skin could benefit from tattooing as this will mimic the action of Melanin that occurs in the skin and could protect him against harmful UV rays.

Our boy has therefore been scheduled to get his left eye tattooed as this may be the only way to protect his eye. The quote for the tattooing is R2875. We will do our best for this boy and we hope we’ve restored his faith in people and proved to him that there is love and commitment. We know we will all be okay in the end and we trust that Cash believes it too. No matter how hard things become at times, it only brings us closer and makes us stronger.

We do realise that giving hope to this boy is not expensive but neither is it free so if you can find it in your heart to contribute to Cash’s vet bill then we and he would be eternally grateful.



Pets thrive in a loving atmosphere filled with proper care and attention. While it may seem like a lighthearted and memorable gift, a cute puppy or a kitten is a living being that requires a lot of work and financial dedication. Before gifting a pet to your children or loved ones, please think on the following points and have a happy holiday!

Does the family have adequate space for a new pet?
A lot of dogs and cats are not suitable for apartment living. They require a decent sized backyard to exercise or run around. If you give an inappropriate pet, they will end up living in cramped spaces and this often results in destructive behavior inside the house.

Do they even want a pet as a gift?
They may have expressed a desire to get a pet, but it does not mean they want one now. A pet is like a child, and comes with just as much financial responsibility. Are they willing to pay for basic pet necessities like food, toys, leashes, collars, bedding, veterinary care, spaying, neutering, medications and emergency care?

Read more….







What another amazing volunteer weekend (25 & 26 November 2017)!

Volunteering changes lives – it is the lives of the animals receiving your attention and love as well as the life of the person freely giving of their time, effort and love.

You may not realise this but you are the real life champions in the lives of all our cats and dogs that you cuddle and walk with every weekend. Thank you for volunteering at our Foundation and thank you for showing each and every animal in our care what real love is all about.

Thank you once again for helping us to make a difference that lasts a lifetime! You are truly amazing – each and everyone of you! Thank you for coming and giving your time so selflessly!

Nothing teaches hope, kindness, courage, and compassion like helping others ~ Unknown~

If you would like to enquire about volunteering at the Lucky Lucy Foundation, please email us at volunteer@luckylucy.org and we will forward you all the necessary information to become part of our volunteering team.

Hope to see you soon!


Thank You!


Christmas came early for the residents in our Kittenry…

The Old Mutual Care and Share Team visited our Sanctuary on Friday, 10 November 2017 to do a revamp of our Kittenry. Insulating the walls to make it more comfortable for our younger residents was the main aim of this Project. All the items for this Project were therefore sponsored by Old Mutual.

To the Old Mutual Care and Share Team, please accept our sincere and deepest appreciation and thank you for helping us with this Project. Thank you to the members of this team who assisted us with our Open Cat Garden and with painting projects. You are all absolutely amazing.

Without the support of donors like Old Mutual there will never be a new beginning for the animals in our care or for the ones joining our family in the future. Thank You once again for supporting our Foundation and for believing in the same cause as we do!

A special thank you goes to Melissa Naidoo who was the Coordinator and to Paul, Craig, Heather, Shani, Angela, Jenny, Garth, Sharon and Chantal – you are very special to all of us!

Please keep an eye on our page for the necessary updates and more photos on how the Project has been completed.


Another amazing fundraiser with amazing artists!

We are truly grateful to Werner Carsten s, Gavin Young, Craig Stott & Charl Black for yet another brilliant show and performance during the CAT and DOG Stevens Show that was held on the 11th of November 2017 at the Boer in Durbanville (Cape Town).

Your performance was once again absolutely outstanding and amazing – what can we say we are just infatuated with your performance!

We need to say a very special Thank You to the amazing lady who organised this event, Amanda Carstens please accept our sincere appreciation for yet another successful fundraiser and amazing event – you are truly remarkable!

We salute each and everyone of you!

Thank you


Thank You for your support!

Lucky Lucy Farm
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