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December 2018

Dear Lucky Lucy Family

We trust that on receipt of this email, you are in the process of winding down your year and preparing for some much needed rest and relaxation. As supporters of our awesome shelter you deserve it, your support this year has been incredible.

As of this writing, we have quite a number of puppies and kittens ready for a new home, in addition to the many other lovely souls who have never had the joy of their own human to love and care for them. Please come and meet them if you can spare a space in your heart and home.

On the outreach front, we are making real headway with our communities who are our eyes and ears on the ground. It is really heartwarming to see the impact we are making on their lives and especially the pets in their care who are full of energy, playful with a lust for life that is just so contagious.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who have contributed so generously. You give us inspiration every day to soldier on and to keep making a difference in human and animal lives.

Many blessings – Team LLF


Recent Stories

Meet the latest arrivals to the Lucky Lucy family. This is just one of the thousands and thousands of stories like Chamomile’s. Her story is not unique or special in any way. This is just the incredibly sad reality of the circumstances that millions of unsterilized animals face in South Africa daily.

She came from a place where she was abused and unwanted. She ended up on a nearby farm unsterilized, breeding year after year. The neglect went on…. No shelter (slept under/against the hedges) not even a food or water bowl to be seen.

The owners were not interested where the stream of puppies ended up. Puppies were merely the children’s toys. This is why we are so passionate about sterilization. There are not nearly enough homes for the animals out there. There are too many unwanted and unloved animals and the few shelters with the very limited resources can not save everyone.

But this family’s nightmare is all over now.

Mommy is getting sterilized soon and she already has a retirement home waiting for her. Her last puppies will have the chance to get real homes, with caring families, where they will get the love and kindness they deserve. We could help this little family this week, however there are not nearly enough resources or shelters for the other animals in the same situation. Please sterilize all of your animals and help spread awereness on the importance of sterilization. That is the only long term solution to this enormous problem.

For now, please meet our the little ones. We are looking for special people to help sponsor these babies. They all need to be dewormed, deflead, vacinated, sterilized and in need of some good quality food. Each pup will cost us about R871 . If you could help to sponsor one of these gorgeous pups please let us know below each photo, we will be forever greatful! If you would like to contribute to our overwhelmingly high vetbill please make a payment directly into our Bergzicht account.

Vet Account
Bergzicht Animal Hospital Malmesbury
ABSA Account 4063812698 
Branch code 334307
Reference LLF 4833


A family’s future changed with a little girl, now named, Jane.

We received a call from a lady, on Monday evening, who was extremely concerned about a mom who had 3 kittens and had no one to care for her or her kittens. When we arrived at the premises where they were we met Jane the lady where little Jane was crying for her mom.

Little Jane was crying the entire night and they didn’t know what to do to comfort her. We were then informed that Jane’s mom was locked inside another house on the same premises and that her other 2 siblings were taken into safety by another lady.

Without hesitation we looked for Jane and found her in-between pieces of wood. Very scared and traumatised she tried to keep us at a distance until Claire took her and comfort her. Once Jane was safe and cleaned we started with all the arrangements to get this small family reunited again.

Mom was collected yesterday morning and we immediately took her for testing and to be sterilised. Jane’s other two siblings were also collected yesterday morning and they are also safe now on the farm.

This small family of 4 is now reunited and they can look forward to a brighter future filled with hope and love. Jane and her two siblings will be available for adoption in about 4 – 5 weeks.

Cost estimate for the rescue of this small family is :

Sterilisation of Mom @ R450
Testing of FIV and FeLV (IDEXX) @ R240
Testing of 3 x Kittens @ R240 x 3 = R720
Sterilisation of Kittens 2 x Females @ R450 = R900
Sterilisation of Kitten 1 x Male @ R350 = R350
Revolution for Mom as Flea treatment @ R110
Revolution for Kittens as Flea treatment @R92 x 3 = R276

Milbemax dewormer for Adult Mom @ R44
Milbemax dewormer for Kittens @ R22 x 3 = R66
1 x 4kg Royal Canin Mother and Babycat Pellets @ R405
12 x tins of Royal Canin Mother and Babycat Mousse @ R218
12 x Royal Canin Kitten pouches @ R154
Basic rescue cost to Shelter = R3833 (this total exclude any additional medical expenses)

If you want to contribute towards their 2nd chance then please consider becoming their Guardian Angel at only R100 per month – please email us at contact@luckylucy.org and we will email you all the relevant detail how to sign up.

make a small donation, towards their tests and sterilisations, directly into the account of our Vets @ Bergzicht Animal Hospital Malmesbury:
ABSA Account 4063812698 
Branch code 334307
Reference LLF 4833


Needing Homes



Needs & Pleas

MySchool MyPlanet MyVillage are celebrating 21 years of giving back to causes that matter to everyone.

To celebrate this milestone, 21 supporters stand a chance to give a total of R2.1 million to 21 causes – that is R100 000 to each Organisation.
Win one of 21 R1000 Woolies gift cards to treat yourself!

To nominate, you must be a MYSCHOOL or linked Woolworths cardholder.
Nominate a cause and tell everyone why it matters to you.
You can nominate any Organisation (but we hope you will nominate the Lucky Lucy Foundation) that is making a difference in your community or across South Africa.

You can nominate the Lucky Lucy Foundation by clicking on this link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/21Years and complete the information that is required.

Please we need your support!

Thank you so much for believing in us!
Team LLF


Upcoming Events


The available spots are filling quite quickly now so please make your booking now by making a financial donation of any amount. The donations for this event will be used to make Christmas extra special for our cats.

This truly is an experience you will take with you for many years to come. We currently have 312 cats in our care and every donation will help us to make sure they receive the best care possible, so while you enjoy yourself you also help them …

Bookings can be made and confirmed by emailing us your proof of payment to cattery@luckylucy.org.

Make your donations to:
The Lucky Lucy Foundation
Standard Bank 
Account nr : 410514039 
Branch Code 023910, Cape Gate
Swift Code SBZAZAJJ 

Hope to see you at our session scheduled for 1 December 2018 @ 09:30 – hosted by the amazing Flowing Nomads School of Yoga.






Over the Rainbow bridge


Thank You’s


Thank You for your support!
Lucky Lucy Farm
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