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2018-12-31 at 23:00

Dear Supporters

As we bid farewell to another year, whatever trials we may have been endured, we are grateful for the time we have had to experience the positive growth of our Foundation.  As we enter a new year, we are excited and at the same time a little apprehensive about the unknown the coming months will bring.  As in the past we have learned that each New Year brings its own challenges along with opportunities and rewards – there is always a positive balance.  

To all our donors, supporters and adoptive parents, thank you for being there for us when we needed you the most.  We truly appreciate each and every one of you.  The fact you believed in us inspired us on a daily basis – your acts and positive words encouraged us beyond boundaries. Words cannot ever express how grateful we truly are for your help and support during 2018.  Thank you for everything that you’ve done to help us and make us proud.

We are incredibly fortunate to have each one of you in our lives and we could not have achieved the successes of 2018 without your support.  Thank you for believing in us!

As we approach the New Year we have to embrace the new opportunities that we will be faced with.  Among the opportunities we are anticipating in 2019 is the chance to continue to provide assistance to our Outreach Communities in the form of sterilisation, feeding and education programs.  We will continue to educate not only ourselves to be able to further improve the quality of care we provide to the animals in our care but in addition improve the quality of our services to our donors, our adopters and our supporters.

It can become easy sometimes as we settle in to our day-to-day routines to fail to appreciate what a privilege it is to deal with the daily challenges we experience in Animal Welfare and we forget what a difference it is that we make to the quality of the lives of the animals that we have the privilege of sharing a journey with.

Another opportunity we anticipate is to be able to continue to work closely with those of you with whom we have developed not only a professional relationship but also warm friendships.  We will take this opportunity to make new true soul friendships, nurture and cherish our existing ones and build on existing relationships.

We hope each of you never underestimate or under appreciate what a blessing you are and have been in the lives of each animal in our care.  Thank you for giving so selflessly of your time and energy when it is needed the most.

As we enter a new year, we breathe a sigh of relief and release.  As we sit here today we are thinking that 2018 was the hardest year we have ever faced. It challenged us as a Foundation on so many levels and it pushed us in so many directions that we were often unable to see the wood from the trees.   What we fail to see and what we miss day in and day out during times of struggle, is that we don’t need to be everything all at once. What we need to be is true to ourselves, right there, in that very moment – because we have to stay focused of our goals to provide our animals with the best care that we can afford and they deserve.

A year has gone and we let it blow away and become dust, just a memory and in its place we stand in awe at the limitless potential that the New Year has in store for us.

May 2019 give you the opportunity to follow your dreams, love like there is no tomorrow and smile unconditionally.  It’s not the destination that is important, it’s the journey you take to get there that truly matters.

May you enjoy each day of your new adventure, as a flower buds and blooms to reveal its refreshing beauty and fresh scent, may the New Year bring with it a fresh new start and many beautiful things for you and your family.  The best thing about the New Year is the feeling of renewed hope, the chance to get it right and to revel in the journey.

Our Wish for You is to have a great start for January, Love for February, Peace for March, No Worries for April, Fun for May, Joy of Life for June, Hope for July, Prosperity for August, Physical Well Being for September, Laughter for October, Gratitude for November and loads of Happiness for December.

Have a Lucky and Wonderful 2019!

Team LLF


Thank You for your support!

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