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2018-06-25 at 21:19

Dear Lucky Lucy Family

As you all know we pride ourselves on assisting those that are less fortunate and in the view of some people — ‘less than perfect.’  At LLF, we believe that all animals are perfect regardless of any disability they may have.  Perhaps they are old, blind, squint, tripods – whatever the disability, we love them and cherish their time with us.

Some cats and dogs come in and have totally given up on life, we lose many to depression as they cannot cope with dealing with abandonment and then there are those that astound us and have managed to survive against all odds and we are humbled to be a part of their journey.

Three recent cat rescues come to mind – Miracle, a “feral” from Bellville had both his legs crushed on the right side of his body – our vets tried to save his front leg and his back leg has a pin.  After many operations it was decided to amputate.  This boy is more nimble on three legs than many of the four legged occupants.  We suspect he has become our ruling garden alpha male.

Then there is Gandhi; Words cannot describe how special this boy is – he was born blind or became blind at an early age.  His will to survive leaves us in awe – he looked after four kittens at a taxi rank in Khayalitsha for weeks before he was rescued – how is this even possible?  Gandhi has joined his forever family and doesn’t have to look after anyone else anymore – it’s his turn to be looked after.  We cannot mention Gandhi in the cattery without becoming choked up and emotional.

The latest rescue to enter AlCATraz is a 20 – 24  week female kitten who was born on the streets and has survived on the streets, we have no idea how, but nonetheless we will travel the journey with her regardless of the outcome.  We have named her Darling – we are not entirely sure of what is wrong with her. Our vets are doing a series of treatments to rule out various things.  She has no muscle mass in her back legs and there does seem to a neurological short circuit of sorts.  We will work closely with vets and specialists in different fields to do our best for her for this part of her journey.

We strongly believe they all cross our paths to teach us a lesson and we’ve learned many lessons – it’s all about heartache and reward and these little souls are all the reward we need. Stay tuned for more miraculous tales next time where we will focus on our canine tunarounds.

Many blessings and thank you so much for your support.
– Team LLF


Recent Stories

Ranbir was rescued in Edgemead from a street person who swapped him for a pair of TEKKIES. Initially assumed to be 8 with spondylitis he deteriorated within a few days. He was admitted to Bergzicht earlier this month with a bladder infection and complications from the sterilization with a new estimated age of 12 years. This brave warrior needs a foster home, a warm bed and TLC for his remaining golden years. Email us if you are able to take him home: adoption@luckylucy.org

You can assist him by donating towards his vet bill.
Bergzicht Animal Hospital Malmesbury, ABSA Account 4063812698,Branch code 334307 Reference LLF 4833


On Saturday, 19 May 2018, the KLIPVLEI Community begged us to go and assist at the KEERT DE KOE FARM COMMUNITY. The amount of animals per household has spiralled completely out of control due to the fact that there is no one who is helping them with sterilisations. We went in and what we found was heartbreaking but with the necessary compassion and understanding for the animals and humans we committed to this small Community. On Thursday, 24 May 2018 we visited the farm again with the Radisson Hotel Group in the Waterfront to distribute bottled water for consumption and to give each dog a deworming tablet and do a small census of the animals at the different households.

We can only assist this community in dire need of assistance if we get sufficient funding to sterilise their animals. A total of 6 cats and a total of 14 dogs were surrendered to our Sanctuary because the people could not afford to feed all these animals. So in total this Community now have 2 cats and 13 dogs to whom they are committed and are able to care for.

We have already sterilised all the cats and 3 dogs (2 females and 1 male). There is currently 4 female dogs and 7 male dogs that needs to be sterilised urgently. Our first priority is to get the 4 female dogs sterilised in order to break the cycle of unwanted animals born.

Although this is a small community we once again saw how quickly a pet population can get out of control if there is unsterilised animals on a property.

We know that sometimes these communities are judged because they don’t have the extra money to pay for sterilisation and medical emergencies but if no one is prepared to help with sterilisation what can one do to prevent unwanted births. As part of an Outreach Project – you not only change the life of an animal but you change the life of their owner. We need to be the change we want to see, we cannot look the other way when they need us. We want to sterilise every animal within this community should we get the funding to make this a reality.

We also use every opportunity to educate all the adults and children in this community regarding the proper care of their animals, ensuring they respect each one of them and we invite you as our supporters to please come with us next time we visit them.

If you would like to become a STERIE SPONSOR then please contact us on contact@luckylucy.org. A sterilisation will cost R400 per animal. Please help us to help this community – together this can be another success story as their neighbours living at Klipvlei.

Financial contributions can be made to :

Lucky Lucy Foundation,
Standard Bank,
Current Account number 410514039,
Cape Gate Branch Code: 023910 or universal 051001
Ref: Steries/Your Name

Bergzicht Animal Hospital Malmesbury
ABSA Account 4063812698,
Branch code 334307,
Ref LLF4833

OR DONATE VIA PAYPAL: accounts@luckylucy.org

Please e-mail proof of payment & contact details to contact@luckylucy.org in order for us to personally thank you and to give you an update on the sterilisation progress of the animals in this community.


Needs & Plea’s

These 7 doggies need to be sterilized urgently. They were Surrendered due to the fact that the owners cannot provide food for them. They don’t have enough food to feed their own families so the animals get what is left over …. which sometimes is nothing.
Banking details for sponsoring a sterilization of R400:
Lucky Lucy Foundation, Standard Bank, Current Account number 410514039,
Cape Gate Branch Code: 023910 or universal 051001

Email POP to contact@luckylucy.org
TAX certificate available


Fosters needed!

Senior dogs – like humans- deserve love, dignity and a home in their twilight years and that is exactly why we are starting a new foster program specifically designed for our senior citizens.

Dogs older than 8 are eligible for the Golden Oldies Foster Program with no adoption fee and all veterinary costs paid for by The Lucky Lucy Foundation, as it is, after all, just fostering for The Lucky Lucy Foundation and not a change of ownership.

Senior and special needs animals are definitely the Lucky Lucy focus. We aim to to get as many of these animals in loving homes especially during the cold and rainy months. Some of these animals have never had the opportunity to experience a warm home with a family of their own and we would love for them to have a home.

And, because we are a Big Little Organisation, we are big enough to care for many, but small enough to love each one. And every foster home, adoptive home, Facebook fan and contact somehow becomes part of our family; more so our Golden Oldies Foster homes. We cherish them because there is a certain kind of specialness going on there.

Our rules for engaging in the Golden Oldies Foster Program are pretty simple: a foster application form is emailed in response to each enquiry and, on receipt of the completed application, we undertake a home check. Once the home is approved, you come to meet all of the potential candidates and like that – a Forever in a Foster home. For more information please email foster@luckylucy.org.


Fun Facts & Activities

It’s never too early to start ticking things off of your bucket list. And while you are at it why not do the same for your dog ? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. We’re sure a bucketlist adventure will just enrich your relationship even more and it’s something the whole family can participate in . Here are a few ideas for you to get started.

#SeniorDogsMatter #AdoptDontShop


Fund Raising & Events

Katrien celebrated her 8th Birthday at LLF on Saturday 16 June 2018. She and her 7 friends played and walked the puppies and enjoyed the party with cake and cool-drink at Sherwood forest. Thank you for the blankets and toys you brought for our dogs & cats.

Booking for your own or your child’s birthday party can be made at contact@luckylucy.org

This year we will be swapping Checkers MINI Gardens for much needed DRY cat and/or Dry dog food. If you want to complete your collection, contact Chantal Monnery at contact@luckylucy.org to make arrangements. She will try her best to help you complete your collection. Last year was an awesome success and we would like to go “bigger” and better in 2018!

*The Amazing Race for Charity. * Join us on 21 July 2018 for our Mandela Day Amazing Race at the Lucky Lucy Farm ??.
Solve clues, complete tasks and make a difference for our furkids waiting for their furever homes. R167pp (includes a boerewors roll & a cooldrink. Vegan options available as well). Book by 7 July and only pay R100pp. Team size 2-4 players. Race starts at 9:30am…. don’t miss out book now Children welcome. Running optional. Everything will take place at the farm – no driving around.
Email carolineduncan0225@icloud.com.

Taking to the stage in aid of the Lucky Lucy Foundation on Saturday 6 October 2018, is Stellenbosch’s rocking new cover band, MIXTAPE!
Reliving and rocking the best music from the 80s, 90s and featuring the likes of Iwan Kemp from DNA Strings on drums, Francois Esterhuizen from Homez Gomez on bass, Werner Carstens from Cat Stevens fame and Stephan Cloete on guitar. You’ll experience the thrill of some of your favourite bands, including INXS, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Lenny Kravitz and John Mayer and many more.
Come join in the musical journey down memory lane of MIXTAPE and support the Lucky Lucy Foundation. 
A short auction (30 mins) will be held before the show featuring top class items up for grabs to raise funds for the foundation.
Tickets only R120 per person. 
Book at Die Boer at 021 979-1911 or 082 574 1651 or online at www.dieboer.com


Visitor & Supporters Advertising

Holidawgs.com is a new site for dog-parents to book getaways and take their beloved furkids with without worry. Created for people with dogs, by people with dogs.

Now you can easily tell how Pet-Safe (TM) an establishment is through their unique safety rating system. Each getaway is put to the test, and reviewed against the criteria dog-parents want to know, like is it enclosed, can my dog jump the wall, are there other dogs, etc. And you always get an objective view specifically from other dog-parents. A portion of all bookings also goes straight to animal charities like us. www.holidawgs.com


Permission has been granted by the SAVC for the Kitten cottage to hold community outreach sterilization. The Kitten Cottage will be having another Spay Marathon on the 14th and 15th of July 2018 and will be doen by SAVC registered veterinarian, Dr Smith.

Date: 14th and 15 th July 2018 
Time: 7 am to 10am – Registration
Requirement: Males and Females must be at least 16 weeks or 2kg 
(1) Females @ R450
(2) Males @ R350
(3) Vaccination @ R60
(4) Microchip @ R100
(5) Rabies vaccination is free of charge!

For bookings please call or what’s app to 0822960214 your (1) name and surname (2) your cat’s name(s) and (3) whether your cat is male or female.

You can also send an email to thekittencottage@icloud.com.

PLEASE make the right decision for your feline friend.


LLF Winter Wishlist


Up for Adoption

Such a BIG MIRACLE in such a small amazing boy …
Meet our boy MIRACLE who is almost 3 years of age. Miracle has 3 legs with an amazing personality. His life is all about miracles …email cattery@luckylucy.org

Angie (one of our one eyed kitties) is patiently waiting in the sun for the weekend. She knows there are loads to do and amazing people to meet.

Angie would love a family of her own so come and meet this lovely little lady. Estimated date of birth : 2010.12.09

Rhea is not only beautiful she has an absolutely amazing personality to fit those awesome features she is so proud of. She is almost 2 years of age and is looking for a warm bed to sleep in during the cold and wet Cape Town winter nights.

Please visit us to come and meet this lovely girl or email us at cattery@luckylucy.org should you think this beauty will fit right into your heart and home.

Meet our handsome Fidget. He is one of our very special boys at Lucky Lucy – definitely a farm favorite. He has been with us since 2011. This boy is very social and oh so gentle. He would make the perfect companion for the cold rainy Cape Town nights.

If you can give him a home please email adoption@luckylucy.org

Adopt Skarels:
Skarels came to us after being attacked by other dogs in the township. We fought for months to save her leg but in the end it was not meant to be. She lost her leg, but never lost her happiness and her smile. Nothing holds her back. She loves her walks and playing with her toys.

Size: Large female
Estimated date of birth: 2012/09/24
Contact: adoption@luckylucy.org

Adopt Dexter:
Are you looking for a handsome, intelligent, confident friend, then Dexter is your boy.
Size: Medium Male
Estimated date of birth: 2017/11/16
Contact: adoption@luckylucy.org


Happy Homing’s

Lala was found in Brackenfell in May this year and was fostered until her adoption….now called Bella she joined family Andre & Velda Becker and canine sister Luna.

We hope you will be very happy together.

Stacey and her son Tyson were surrendered to us from Tin Can Town in March this year. She was adopted in June by Family Hawarden. She is a single dog and enjoys all the love & attention.



Join us this weekend for some volunteering at the Lucky Lucy Foundation. Activities are: Puppy sitting, dog walking, gardening (bring own tools and plants), cattery maintenance. Rain or sunshine – the cats and dogs are always grateful for some company. All 3 dogs in this post are up for adoption as well. From left to right: Ivy, Brandy and Outlaw. Email adoption@luckylucy.org or make a booking for volunteering at volunteer@luckylucy.org


Over the Rainbow bridge

Thank You!

The United Rebels MCC Cape Town joined the Lucky Lucy Foundation on Saturday 2 June to bring donations, walk the dogs and to give love and attention to the cats. They were an awesome help in this rainy weather!

On Friday 25th May did you celebrate International Tekkie Tax Day?

Tekkie Tax is a national fundraising campaign for welfare organisations and we are very proud to be a part of this initiative for the third year.

We are so proud to see our Foundation printed on the back of the animal sector sticker alongside the other animal welfares within the sector. There are five sectors in all who benefit from the sale of the stickers and the more stickers we sell the greater the benefit we receive in November once the campaign has been audited. It’s a fun way to raise money for your local participating charity.

We are truly grateful to Caroline Duncan who owns this campaign for us and yet again she has us in awe this year when she surpasses the year before.

To date Caroline has raised a whopping amount of R52,700 for Tekkie Tax 2017 R22,500 and Tekkie Tax 2018 R31,000 (current value with more pledges pending).


We would like to make the 2019 Tekkie Tax campaign even bigger and better for Lucky Lucy. If there are any parents who are school teachers or part of the PTA and can roll the campaign out at your respective schools please email us at contact@luckylucy.org for all the details and let’s ‘knock it out the park.’


Thank You for your support!

Lucky Lucy Farm
No 28 Klipvlei

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