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25 May 2017

To the Supporters and Volunteers of the Lucky Lucy Foundation

Dear Lucky Lucy Volunteers and Supporters,

The 2nd of May 2017 will definitely be marked on our Lucky Lucy calendar as the day that made us even more appreciative of our amazing supporters and Mother Nature. Seeing water pouring from a hole in the ground left us speechless to say the least. Since we moved to the new farm in 2014, we had to buy water from the Municipality for consumption by our staff and the animals in our care – a truck on a bi-weekly basis supplied water to us.

The last couple of weeks drought conditions and overuse have caused ground water levels to drop all over Cape Town and we struggled making sure everyone had enough potable water on a daily basis. Our relationship with and the dependency on potable water has grown more complex as our shelter has developed and advanced. Therefore, when our anonymous donor approached us with the proposal of sinking a borehole we again realized that we indeed need a long-term plan for achieving water security on the farm for everyone. When you struggle to get water then you realise that water insecurity is surely one of the largest threats any shelter can be confronted. Our daily livelihood depends on the fact that we have enough and sufficient potable water for our staff and animals. The successful running of a Sanctuary for animals solely depend on the fact that you are able to provide them with the basic needs like water, food, shelter and medical assistance.

We have to give a special thanks and appreciation to the following amazing people: 
(1) To our generous donor who wants to stay anonymous and who believed that we need to chase dreams for them to come true! You are a true Super Star – thank you for being part of our family!
(2) To the amazing people from Venter Drilling, Andre (the owner), Henko and Eugene who provided an absolutely outstanding and professional service. Andre you and your team are passionate about your business and this was visible during this Project. Thank you once again for being part of this amazing journey of ours! We will most definitely recommend Venter Drilling to everyone who is considering a borehole! 
If you consider drilling a borehole then please visit them on facebook.

So on the 2nd of May 2017 our dream became a reality when we got water at 85meters ….. 
We now still need to test the water to see if it is potable for humans and animals but we are extremely optimistic that it will be great news. Once we get the good news then everyone on the farm will have access to the natural minerals in the drinking water from Mother Earth.

Thank you once again to each one who played a vital part in putting this dream into reality for us!

We Salute each one of YOU!

Team LLF

Top Stories

Huge shout out to Caroline living the brand – National Tekkie Tax day”. She has single handedly sold more laces and stickers than we sold collectively last year. Well done. We salute you!

Vehicle Accident: Skollie

We apologize for the grisly photos, but sometimes horror is just what it is. HORROR! More tragedy made its appearance as we were called to help two furkids in need today.

In hospital: Sokkies
Sokkies is the victim of a motor vehicle accident. Sadly, his wounds are bad and his leg cannot be saved. This brings sorrow to our hearts and tears to our eyes, but we are grateful that his life can be saved. Welcome to LLF little one, we will do whatever we can to get you up and about! Our vet bills are still extremely high, so we are begging for some help with his vet bill. Amputation of his leg end hospitalization would be about R2500.

In loving memory: Cody
On an even sadder note, we were not able to save little Cody and we had to ask the angels to take care of this boy until we reunite one day beyond the rainbow bridge. We will spare everyone from seeing his photos as the damage to his genitals was too extreme. It appears that it was cut by something. :’(

Dear Cody, you may have missed all the hugs and love we would have given you here on earth, but rest assure…. One day in heaven we will meet again and then we will shower you with all the affection we have for you. You were in our lives for a moment, but you will be our son forever and ever! Go well, little one. You are safe now. Remember we love you! xxx

A Happy Tails share…

A new Happy Tale to warm your heart. How truly blessed are Aiko and Rusty from Lucky Lucy Foundation for finally finding their forever home with Ivanna Chetty and Marcelle Combrink. Enjoy reading their story here.

SuperDog has a new name. BLUEBERRY! 

Blueberry put on his superhero cape and saved the day as Jessy, someone’s furkid at the vet, needed a blood transfusion.
We are so proud of you Blueberry! What a brave boy!
We are all wishing Jessy a speedy recovery. 
If you have room in your heart for adopting a superhero, then contact us: adoption@luckylucy.org


Do you care about dogs?

Yes, we do! And so did a good Samaritan called Coenie who informed us about this furkid wandering in the streets of Malmesbury. Will we ever know what goes on in the mind of a dog that has lost his way? How scary it must be to be away from all those that are familiar to you. No home. No food. It must seem like the whole world is out to get you…. And there you are, just a little soul in the big scary world. Cars and people going their own way… no one bothers to help you…

Then a man comes, brings you food and water to replenish your body, and tries to get you to go with him. Where? What? Will it be safe? Better be on guard, because you do not trust this strange human.

While our guy was on his way to assist, Coenie managed to get this lost soul into his car and took him to the vet from where we took over. As soon as he realized that the humans only meant to help him, he turned into a very friendly furkid!

This boy, now called Sly, will stay over at the vet for the night. If you can assist with his vet bill we would be forever grateful.

Thank you Coenie for alerting us and saving this gentleman.

He has no identification tag or microchip, but we cannot help but think there might be someone out there looking for their dog.

Please share so that we can find his owners.

Let’s all send Sly a big welcoming and comforting hug. Let’s show him the world is a friendly place.

                                          Update: Duey
Our girl had her operation and we are happy to report that she is doing well. Please keep her in your prayers and send healing thoughts her way while she recovers.

On a more sombre note, we still need about R4000 to be able to pay for her operation and it is really stressing us. If it is possible, please help us to pay her vet account. Every little bit helps. Thank you to the special souls who already helped us to pay a portion towards her operation.

Original story: click here


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3 & 4 JUNE 2017
Leadville DOG-PARK
Leadville Way and Braselton Road, Sunningdale

All proceeds will go to the Lucky Lucy Foundation

Cats can be chipped as well at this event, but do not bring them into the park (for obvious reasons). Volunteers will chip the cats in the comfort of your vehicles.

For all events please visit our Facebook page.


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In Loving Memory Felix

Late last night we managed to find the owners of the boy that had been shot. This morning they went to visit him and had to give him the ultimate gift of love. They had to let him go as the damage was too severe and both front legs were affected. We are sorry for your loss, that is now our loss too. 

We want to thank the vet (Bergzicht), owners (Karl & Carlé), Deon and the kind people that brought Felix in after they had found him & everyone else that believed in Felix.

Felix, even though you were only a part of our family for a moment in time, we consider you our son too. Run free and fast beyond the rainbow bridge. Wear our love as a shield to protect you until the joyous day that you will be reunited with those that love you.

Remember we love you very much. xxx

A Brilliant Rainbow (by Terri Onorato)

High on whispered wings I fly
a radiant star, I light the sky.
Toward the sun I soar so free,
a brilliant rainbow follows me.
I pulsate through your very soul
and in my paws your heart I hold.
The day will come when you’ll fly too,
I’ll be here then to welcome you.
Until the time we meet again
I won’t journey far my friend.
For in your love I live so free,
a brilliant rainbow guiding me.


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