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17 November 2016

To the Supporters and Volunteers of the Lucky Lucy Foundation

Dear Lucky Lucy Supporters and Volunteers,

This has been a great week for our Foundation!

We received our first LARGE cash donation from a very kind animal lover last weekend and this will allow The Lucky Lucy Foundation to start its long dreamt of investment fund. Most other established foundations have, over time, accumulated sufficient funds to provide their ‘businesses with an annuity income which secures sustainability and LLF has this as one of its strategic goals.

The farm developments are progressing steadily with a lot of new work being done by retired supporters who have decided to ‘adopt’ LLF as their charity of choice – we are deeply indebted to them for their time, efforts and the money we know it costs – even just to get there!

I see the N7 development has progressed beyond our farm gate and the LLF sign has been removed. Please take special care when coming out to the farm and turning off the N7.

We also received several large food donations during the last week that has placed LLF in a very strong position regarding food stocks. Wherever possible we are sharing what we feel is in excess of our needs with other deserving organizations.

Our new video is doing very well on Facebook and I believe giving the foundation excellent exposure both domestically and internationally. Please would you view and ‘like’ the video so that we can spread the news even further.

As always please allow me to thank you for your continued support.


New Arrivals


My name is Andy. I was abandoned.

Actually that should be “My new name is Andy”…

My owners tied me up, moved and left me behind. They took my ‘old’ name with them. I‘m not sad about my old name, because I long for a new life. If a happy new life means I get a new name, then I am all for it!

No, I don’t have mange. I am not skinny. I am not sick. But that does not mean that I am not hurting. I am so scared being here. I am not sure what is going to happen next. When will these people abandon me too? What are they going to do to me? They look at me with kindness and in my heart I know I can trust them, but I am not ready yet. I need a few days to settle in.

All I long for is to be loved and to be a part of a forever family that will treat me like a living being, not just a piece of property that can be discarded when no longer needed.

Please keep Andy in your hearts and send healing thoughts his way. He needs lots of love right now.

Meet Kiara & Odie

Kiara & Odie joined our family on 11/11/2016. Their past is unknown to us. All that we know is what we see….

Kiara is frozen stiff. She is absolutely petrified of those around her. She has mange, rotten teeth and the scars on her soul is very prominent. She was also used for breeding at one stage. :’( It will take a lot of TLC to win over this beautiful girl.

Odie on the other hand might not have a lot of hair due to mange, but he sure has a softness in his eyes. Isn’t he just the most handsome boy you’ve ever seen?

They will walk the road to recovery with us by their side. Never to be alone again. Never will they be abandoned or know that horrible feeling of being unloved. They are family and family stick together.

Please keep them in your hearts and send healing thoughts their way. They will need a lot of it!


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Up for adoption


Cassie is a gorgeous dog with lots of love to give. She is shy and adores sitting on your lap. She gets along with dogs, cats and children and will steal your heart in an instant.

Birth date: 22 Oct 2013
Color: White, long hair
Sex: Female
Sterilized: Yes
Micro-chipped: Yes

Special Needs: Blind in one eye but it does not hinder her =D

Adopt Cassie


is a handsome dog with lots of character. He is incredibly intuitive and observant but is still very much a puppy who enjoys play time. He is intelligent and easily trainable. Rocky gets along with cats and children and will steal your heart in an instant.

Birthdate : 1 August 2016
Color : Tan with black snout and tail 
Sex : Male
Sterilised : No (at 5 month only)
Microchipped : Yes
Special Needs : None
Adoption Fee : R600

Please email us at adoption@luckylucy.org should you want more information or just come and meet him on a Saturday or Sunday from 09:00 – 14:00.




Thank You

It shows you, we can all make a difference!  🙂 DD

Shared by Happy Tail-er, Caroline Duncan…

My colleague, Jani Van Niekerk, recently completed a charity drive where she collected and swopped checkers Little Shop Mini’s for cat and dog food.

There we were happily collecting our little shop mini’s, racing to see who could complete their collections first. And then the promotion ended! And our collections were incomplete! Now who can live with an incomplete
collection of the cutest groceries ever?

At the office we started to collect everyone’s doubles and helped one another complete our collections.  

In the public domain, WhatsApp groups were started to swop out mini’s. Facebook pages were started to swop out mini’s. People even started to sell minis on FB. And desperate parents were buying them.

Then the idea was born, let’s swop the Checkers mini groceries for dog or cat food with people who want to complete their collections.

But we needed stock of the mini’s and a lot of it. We begged, pleaded and even bribed to collect mini’s. We emailed everyone we knew; friends, teachers and colleagues. We posted on Facebook.

When the news of the initiative went out people gladly donated their extra mini’s or incomplete collections for this great cause. Children from Durbanville Primary and Gene Louw primary brought in their extra mini’s. It was heart-warming to say the least. But the more we searched for mini’s the more requests we received for mini’s. The demand always exceeded the supply. We even got requests for Pick ‘n Pay animal cards!

Spreadsheets were setup to keep track of all the mini’s requested and mini’s received. Deliveries and pickups were done almost every day for two and a half months! Children’s bedrooms were filled, storing all the food collected; a lot of work and serious commitment to the cause.

What a success this turned out to be. All expectations exceeded. People were so generous because they knew it was for a good cause.

Then the day came to wrap things up, tally up the amount collected and deliver the food to our charity. We chose the The Lucky Lucy Foundation to donate all the food to. The Lucky Lucy Foundation is a Non-Profit, Pro-life, Pro-Quality of Life organization that tries to relieve the plight of severely neglected and abused township and street animals.

A tremendous amount of 560 kgs of cat and dog food was collected – an estimated value of R13500. Cash of R2350 was also donated and that went towards the foundations vet bills.

It took a mind boggling 1000 minis to achieve this.

I am sharing this story with you and Happy Tails because I wanted to share my excitement about the success of this initiative and to say thank you to my friend Jani Van Niekerk for thinking up this initiative and spending hours of her time for this great cause. And to her family who had to give up their space at home to store all the food.


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Thank You for your support!

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