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2018-10-29 at 17:57

November 2018

Dear Lucky Lucy Family

It’s been a very busy and expensive month for us at Lucky Lucy since the last newsletter.  As you will see by the stories below it feels as if it’s been one emergency after another and of course they all come at a cost.  Our vet bill is staggering and as hard as we try we don’t seem to be able to get on top of it.  Our main focus is the no-hopers, the golden oldies and the special needs and they usually require chronic medication, surgery perhaps and most often special food.  They deserve to be loved and we love each and every animal on our farm no matter what.

We are trying to do as much fundraising as we can in order to meet our monthly running costs in the current tough economic environment and would appreciate hearing your ideas as sometimes we are so focused on the animals we cannot see the wood for the trees.  All ideas welcome email contact@luckylucy.org with yours or perhaps you would like to volunteer as a fundraiser.  The management and administration of the Foundation is done by a group of core volunteers and the Board are professional people who volunteer their time on a pro-bono basis whilst managing their professional and personal lives.  They are passionate about the Foundation and totally committed to the success of the Foundation as we know you are too.
We had to bid farewell to two of our long term residents Tessa and Sheena both of whom succumbed to age and age related illness and although they did not find homes they know we loved them.  They are free of pain now and watching over their friends who remained behind, play in peace special old ladies you have been restored to your youth again.

It was a very exciting month for us too launching our first cat yoga session in conjunction with Flowing Nomads and what a fun filled fantastic session it was, our felines enjoyed it too although they did find watching the antics from the shade far more entertaining.  We are hoping to make this a monthly occurrence and one that will bring in some much needed funding whilst being fun for all involved.

Once again we are truly grateful and humbled by the support we receive from you and words cannot express how honoured we are to have you all as part of the Lucky Lucy family.

Stay safe and keep cool while the temperatures rise.
Team Lucky Lucy


Recent Stories

Please meet Rasputin. This charming boy has had a family for 6 years, he LOVED them, he was happy. That all changed last Friday night when he was run over. His owner phoned us crying and begging to help him. Without much detail on how badly this poor soul was injured we had no time to waste, unfortunately we had some car trouble, one of our amazing vets at Bergzicht Animal Hospital, Dr Brink Bosman was ready and waiting, we just had to figure out how to get this poor dog to the vet.

The family tried convincing neighbours and community leaders to give them a lift and to help their beloved pet but no one was willing.

We called on one of our amazing volunteers in the area and she immediately sprang in to action. Within 10 minutes the family’s beloved dog was en-route to the vet – we were all waiting anxiously at the phone to hear what the prognosis was. We werevery relieved to hear the only major injury was to one of the back legs. Sadly the bones in the leg were crushed and we would have to amputate Rasputin’s leg – no other injuries was sustained during his ordeal.

The owners agreed to amputate the leg as long as they could get their dog back alive.

Sadly by the next morning, whilst updating the owners on Rasputin’s condition, they asked us if we could not keep him as they could not bear to look at their dog with only 3 legs. What everyone thought would be a temporary stay at LLF, while his wounds healed, turned out to be Rasputin’s new home. Until the day this sweet boy will be able to enjoy the love and company of another family of his own we will keep him as safe and happy as we are able.

To assist us with Rasputin’s bill and to help us continue our work please consider making a donation. Every bit will make a difference. We need you! We are DROWNING in vet bills at the moment.

Vet Account
Bergzicht Animal Hospital Malmesbury
ABSA Account 4063812698 
Branch code 334307
Reference LLF 4833

Usually we are the ones asking for help and our wonderful and loyal supporters always have our back! Today we had the rare opportuinity to pay it forward.

We were phoned to ask if one of our large dogs could help another dog at Bergzicht Dierehospitaal in desperate need of a blood transfusion. With over 160 dogs we were sure we would have at least one that could assist. We immediately thought of our special boy Zac. Zac has been a hero before. He is always eager to please and he behaved himself exceptionally well at the vet. We will ensure to make the experience worthwhile for our special boy. He had a feast waiting for him when he gets back to our farm.

Zac is available for adoption if you need a hero in your home! To come and meet this special boy please come visit him on the farm any Saturday or Sunday from 09:00-14:00.

Although this vet visit did not cost us anything, our vet bill is still very high, if you could please consider making a donation and help us to lighten the load. EVERY CENT is greatly appreciated and will help us continue our work!

This weekend was extremely tough on everyone when we received a request to assist with FREYA. We were returning an overexcited puppy to his grateful owners after he had received medical attention when we were alerted to Freya’s condition.

One of the community members begged us to help her as they suspected she was pregnant and the puppies may have died in the womb, he mentioned she wasn’t eating and she was extremely lethargic.

How do you turn your back and walk away knowing that otherwise she has no chance of survival? A staggering vet bill versus the obligation to save a life or if we could not save her, at least release her suffering. Life is not fair in such a situation – not for the one that needs you and not for the rescuer!

While some of us do not want to get involved in the reality of suffering some do want to help and relieve at least some of it – at least that which is in our power to alleviate. They brought her to us and it was extremely unpleasant – it was almost as if her lifeless eyes spoke a 1000 words. There was no joy left and the only hope she had at that moment was us.

We loaded her emaciated and tired body into our bakkie and rushed through to our vet in Malmesbury.

At Bergzicht, our amazing vet, Dr Brink Bosman was waiting and examined Freya. She weighed a mere 13.5kg and he found that she has a severe worm infestation and was anaemic. He confirmed her pregnancy and she was taken for a sonar to determine if the babies were still alive. Their bodies were lifeless inside her, he said there was no heartbeat and he had to perform an emergency C-section as there was already septic fluid gathering in the uterus, not operating on her would have meant that she could go into septic shock and die.

Our update late Saturday afternoon was that the babies were removed and she was therefore sterilised – no more litters for this tiny girl, she was placed on a drip and they are treating the infection and the severe worm infestation.

Another difficult part of this very tragic story is that Freya has an owner that loves her but it is very apparent that he unfortunately cannot take care of her. It’s not that he wasn’t trying – in the current economic situation everyone is trying their best with what they have – sadly in Freya’s situation it was and is not good enough for her. In animal welfare you are faced with very difficult choices on a daily basis – it is not as simple as everyone would think …

it is not about just taking away and not returning the animals … it is about compassion, education and knowing that the suffering can extend to one of your own family members or even yourself and what would your reaction then be?

Our focus is getting Freya and the many others like her the assistance they need. We try our best to give them hope and another sunrise … put the sparkle back into their eyes. We try and restore some faith in the tomorrows they thought they would never experience when they are left alone.

The fact is we have a staggering vet bill … we had to make a choice and some might blame us that we assisted and some will be grateful we could give Freya hope. We know we are at the point where our vets can close our account at any moment because even though they are exceptionally patient with payments we made into the account, although it hasn’t been nearly enough, and we have the greatest respect for their always being there for us and always placing our animals first, they too have bills to pay.

We are begging hat in hand for a financial donation of absolutely any amount into our vet bill, no matter how small. Please help us going forward – no rescuer wants to look an animal who needs care in the eyes and turn your back and walk away. Besides the emergency treatments required for some of our outreach animals we have to look after our own – the 481 animals currently in our care the ones who are totally dependent on us – the ones who only have you as support and us to look after them. Life is not fair and although they did not ask to be in the circumstances they find themselves in, we cannot make miracles for those who cannot speak for themselves if we do not have the means to do that.

It was a bitter sweet Saturday afternoon for all of us!

Our second Memorial Garden named – Meowsical Labyrinth now has it’s own special Memorial Bench for the ones that crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We are not done yet but this is the beginning of an amazing project.

Thank you again Letitia Muller for donating this bench – we are sure you would approve of our initiative.

Thank you Belinda Buxton for helping us to create an extension of our memories. 

We will honour each and everyone who we had the privilege to share time with in this very special place called alCATraz.


So our next session of yoga amongst our cats is just around the corner. Please book your place now by making a financial donation of any amount from R1.

This truly is an experience you will take with you for many years to come. Our next session is on the 3rd of November 2018 at 09:30. We want to make this a monthly event to help us with our staggering vet bills
– we currently have 303 cats in our care and every donation will help us to make sure they receive the best care possible.
Doing yoga with our cats will make sure you have loads of entertainment while you give a little love and effection back to our amazing felines.Bookings can be made and confirmed by emailing us your proof of payment to cattery@luckylucy.org.
Hope to see you at our next amazing session – hosted by the amazing Flowing Nomads School of Yoga.


Needs & Pleas


Pledge your support today to the many Shelter Animals this Christmas – The Lucky Lucy Foundation is one of the many beneficiaries for this year!

Please share this post so that we can make Christmas 2018 memorable for all our animals that needs us.

Please support this absolutely amazing initiative from Santa Cause for Paws where shelter animals will receive their own Christmas boxes with something special in it.

Santa Cause for Paws collects gifts for shelter animals, township animals, outreach organisations and feral colonies.

For most this will be the only act of kindness that we as humans can show towards the voiceless.

Each pack must please contain at least 5 items that will include the following:
(1) Two things yummy
(2) Something Special
(3) Something Fun
(4) Something Useful
(5) optional can be

Something for staff who watch over them

You can find out more on

You can also buy goodies off their shop at 
https://shop.santapaws.co.za/ – they sell amazing personalised mugs, baby blankets and more.


Upcoming Events


**Our merchandise is also available**

10 November 2018

Chipping starts at 08h30 — 14h00

Leadville DOG-PARK
Leadville Way and Braselton Road,

Cats can be chipped as well at this event, but do not bring them into the park (for obvious reasons).

Volunteers will chip the cats in the comfort of your vehicles. All cats must be in cat carriers and dogs must be on their leashes for the purpose of being microchipped.

All proceeds will go to the Lucky Lucy Foundation.

Jak de Priester skop die feesseisoen by Die Boer af met die konsertreeks GEEL JOU HART VIR LIEFDE – ’n vertoning met die missie om sonskyn te bring in ’n wêreld met baie nood!

Hierdie inisiatief het laasjaar begin in Pretoria by die Blou Hond restaurant teater en vanjaar sprei die liefde ook na die Kaap om nood te verlig van diere. Ter agtergrond vertel Jak de Priester: “Desember 2017 het elke gehoorlid van 6 konserte vrywillig diere kos gebring en onder die goudgeel Kersbome geplaas. Aan die einde van die week se konserte was dit moontlik om vragte hondepille, katkos ens. te gaan aflaai.

Die meeste dierebeskermings organisasies kry geen befondsing van die staat meer nie en dit bring verligting aan die organisasies veral in ’n tyd soos Desember.” Hierdie jaar by Die Boer teater restaurant gaan daar ook ’n deel van die kaartjieopbrengs na die LUCKY LUCY FOUNDATION in Durbanville plus alle dierekos wat ingesamel word.

Lucky Lucy Foundation is ‘n veilige hawe vir katte en honde – diere, wat nie deur eie toedoen, haweloos en ongewens is. Lucky Lucy se passie is vir die geen-hoop diere – daar waar die meeste ‘shelters’ nie meer kan help nie. Ons fokus op ouer en spesiale behoefte-diere, maar ‘n kwaliteit lewe bly ons eerste prioriteit. Die organisasie word gedryf deur ‘n handjievol passievolle vrywilligers. LLF doen ook
ppvoeding in verskeie areas om te help om verantwoordelikheid te kweek.

Lucky Lucy is 100% afhanklik van ondersteuning en donasies van die publiek. Vir meer inligting of om betrokke te raak, stuur ‘n e-pos aan volunteer@luckylucy.org

Bring jou bure, jou ouma en jou oupa en almal wat lief is vir diere, sonskyn en musiek! En weet geel is die kleur van SONSKYN!

28 / 29 / 30 November en 01 Desember – Die Boer
Kaartjies is R150 by 021 979 1911 of by www.dieboer.com

Our Birthday Celebrations are happening this weekend, 27 + 28 October! There are going to be super fun games, promotions and prizes! You won’t want to miss out!
Lucky Lucy Foundation will be joining us on Saturday from 9am – 1pm, with Microchipping for only R100. They will be in an empty store at Entrance 2.

T’s and C’s Apply, While Stocks Last.

Up for Adoption


Adopt Macaroon
Macaroon is a quiet, thoughtful girl who, once she gets to know you, will smother you in kisses. 

Size: Medium Female
Date of birth: 2018/01/15

Contact: adoption@luckylucy.org

Adopt Baldwin
Baldwin was found skinny, scared and completely bald. But with love and attention he blossomed into a very handsome boy. He is a gentle soul and would make an eternally loyal companion.

Size: Medium Male
Estimated date of birth: 2011/08/14
Contact: adoption@luckylucy.org

Adopt Patrick
Patrick is a lovable gentleman, one of our Golden Oldies, who so wants a family to call his own.

Size: Large male
Estimated date of birth: 2009/01/01

Contact: adoption@luckylucy.org

Adopt Sophie
Sophie is an active girl, who loves her walks and getting belly rubs.

Size: Large female
Estimated date of birth: 2015/04/13

Contact: adoption@luckylucy.org

Adopt Marriot
This adorable girl doesn’t need much – just lots of love and attention.

Size: Small female
Estimated date of birth: 2016/11/01

Contact: adoption@luckylucy.org




Over the Rainbow bridge


Thank You’s

Thank you to each and everyone who made this event memorable – you are all absolutely AMAZING!


Thank You for your support!

Lucky Lucy Farm
No 28 Klipvlei

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