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20 October 2016

To the Supporters and Volunteers of the Lucky Lucy Foundation

Dear Lucky Lucy Supporters and Volunteers,

In this edition we bring you the story of Scarlet, another abandoned, injured and pregnant mom rescued off the streets by LLF volunteers. Our staff and volunteers are inundated with these cases on a weekly basis, which can only really be contained by ensuring our local communities’ pets are sterilised and responsible ownership is promoted.

LLF’s outreach programs can only be sustained with a constant source of income. Our primary responsibility is our resident animals at our shelter, and expenses like food, vet bills, staff wages all contribute to keep our activities mostly focussed on the farm.

Our Guardian Angel Program is an important fundraising initiative to help fund and ultimately determine the funding priorities of the foundation. By becoming a Guardian Angel, you automatically become a member of the Lucky Lucy Foundation, which makes you eligible to vote at the annual general meeting, assisting with electing the board members and most importantly fund the foundation’s daily activities and ensuring the optimum care of our rescue animals.

Because we are a non-profit, public benefit organisation you can use your yearly contribution as a tax deduction on your taxable income. You can also elect to turn your monthly contribution into a sponsorship for a specific furkid(s). We normally start the Guardian Angel membership at R100 per month, but you are welcome to increase or even decrease that amount.

Please consider becoming a member of Lucky Lucy’s Guardian Angel program and help us end the cycle of abuse, and help the animals in our unprivileged communities to be properly cared for, have dignity and the loyalty and care of their owners. Lets end the uncontrolled population explosion of unwanted puppies and kittens. Stand proud with us in the trenches against cruelty, abuse and neglect. We can end it together.

Kind Regards
Team LLF



Rescued 16 October 2016

This is ‘Just a dog’.

‘Just a dog’ lived next to the road outside Paarl in a drain pipe. This is what she called ‘home’. Even though there was no food and her spine and hip bones were sticking out, she had to have a safe haven for her unborn pups.
‘Just a dog’ was wasting away. She lost all hope, for life had nothing more to offer her. Yet she could not give up… she struggled on… because she had ‘life’ inside her.

How many people drove past ‘Just a dog’?
How many saw the condition of ‘Just a dog’ and just did not give a damn?
How many?

That changed when our foster mom, Louise, drove past on her way to our shelter on Sunday morning, 16 October 2016.
She stopped.
She cared.
It took some time, but eventually with the help of a custard donut, Scarlet was safe!

Yes, she is Scarlet now. No more ‘Just a dog’!

When she arrived at our shelter, a surprise was waiting for us. The first baby boy, Sven, was born en route to LLF!

Scarlet was very weak and tired. At times it looked like she just wanted to close her eyes and sleep forever. Time passed and the other pups did not make their appearance. We could feel them move inside her, but something was wrong. We got worried. Seriously worried. We took them to the emergency vet where they had to assist her during labour. By late evening there were 8 pups (6 boys and 2 girls).

We then got a call to go fetch her immediately as they had other patients with parvo in hospital and did not want Scarlet and her pups to get sick. So Joanne did midnight duty and brought them home just after 23h00 on Sunday evening. A sleepless night later for Joanne, Louise took over on Monday morning. We were still very worried about Scarlet.

Scarlet needed special care. Some of her teats are ‘torn’ and she has wounds on her legs. Shame, what did she go through? Was she abused? Was she thrown out of a vehicle and left on the side to die when they realized she was pregnant and no longer wanted? Only Scarlet knows her past and she chooses to leave it all there …. in the past where it belongs.

As if all this is not enough… another shock came…. EMERGENCY! Scarlet had the most awful nosebleeds that left her and the pups covered in blood. So she was rushed to a close by vet.

The vet detected a tick borne disease as well as possible poisoning (rat poison). She is currently on treatment for both and we pray that she and her babies will pull through.

Scarlet is the most awesome furkid, with eyes that touch your soul. Even through this scary ordeal they kept looking at us, filled with gratefulness and immense love. Grateful that someone saw that she is more than ‘Just a dog’.

Scarlet no longer needs to worry. We have her and her pups under our wing. They are our family now. . We don’t know her past, but we do know that we will fight for a happy future for her and her pups.
We need everyone to send Scarlet and the little ones pawsitive healing thoughts so that they may get stronger every second.

We will post updates as soon as we have any.

A big shout out to Joanne and Louise for caring for our girl and her babies! Thank you!

If you can help with their care and medical bill we will be forever grateful. Please help us show her that she is so much more than ‘Just a dog’.


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