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2 Oct 2017

To the Supporters and Volunteers of the Lucky Lucy Foundation

It has been very busy at the Lucky Lucy cattery and the emergencies are streaming in.  These are the ones we help and pride ourselves on helping and we have no alternative: we need to help them.  The ‘no-hopers’ the chronic and hopeless, helpless cases that cross our paths.

In no particular order and this is their introduction to the Lucky Lucy family as they are keeping us so busy we have been unable to introduce them to you individually.

Anri – a feral from Parklands who we were alerted to as she was injured, she is an older lady with very few teeth arthritis and suspicious bone change in left hip joint, she requires one month’s cage rest and depending on further x-ray possible amputation.  She cried so for her feral friend that Anyway managed to trap her on Sunday 3 September and thankfully so.  We named her friend, Lacosta.

Lacosta – a feral, older lady; possibly a littermate of Anri, with a chronic Herpes infection in her mouth,squamous cell carcinoma / tumors on the inside of the left ear and then medial eye as well. She has had both her ears amputated to hopefully contain the spread of the cancer.

Miracle – rescued after a suspected motor vehicle accident at a factory in Brackenfell.  He sustained injuries to his legs.  It was a distal humerus fracture of the left front leg which our vets corrected by inserting a pin and then it was a medial (far or distal end) fracture of tibia and fibula of his right back leg which were corrected by applying a bandage.

Sterling – transferred from the Cape Animal Medical Clinic in Kenilworth as an unclaimed stray after being hit by a car.  He had a pelvic fracture and needed six weeks cage rest.  The pelvis has healed well and he is mobile and not suffering any discomfort.  He started making friends and will soon be introduced into the general population of adult cats.

Then we were dealt a blow with two of our very loved and long term residents. Kenickie was diagnosed with mast cell tumour Grade 2, there is nothing we can do for our boy except keep him comfortable and he is currently on cortisone to manage the cancer.  He is still very happy and will roll over for a tummy rub if you have a moment to sit and cuddle with him.  He just loves his wet food treats and will act as a kitten when he gets his treats.

Our Reese was diagnosed with heart failure and we kindly had to let our girl go on the 11th of September 2017 when she lost the battle.

Although we give hope where there was no future in the yesterday, we refuse to let any of the animals in our care suffer.  Their quality of life is and will always be the highest priority for us.

We want to thank each and everyone of our donors and supporters who make it possible for us to rescue the “no hope” cases off the streets of Cape Town.  Thank you for believing in the same cause as we do and thank you for your support and loyalty.  We value the kindness and generosity of each and every donor and supporter!

The LLF Team


Recent rescues

Meet our boy Miracle. Miracle became part of our family after we received an emergency call from a factory in Brackenfell.

After x-rays were done it was discovered that Miracle had a broken front left leg and a shattered right back leg.

Please keep watching our page for Miracle’s story and his miraculous recovery. This boy has shown that he really wants to live … how could we not give him that deserving chance?


The Lucky Lucy Family welcomed a few new rescues over the last few weeks.

First off was Onyx, just over a month old, she was found in Kuilsriver, covered in fleas, ticks and mange – someone had left her on the side of the road without a second thought. She went from laying in the cold and living a dreadful life to being in Lucky Lucy’s care. She had multiple vet visits and is now learning to be a happy puppy thanks to her loving foster family. She now plays games like tug-of-war and has a warm place to rest her head!

Next is Mitchell, a little over 7 years old, he was found in Mitchell’s Plain while looking for food. He lived his life alone on the harsh streets and was found with Tick Bite fever. He has been treated and luckily tested negative for Distemper and Parvo. He has arthritis and life has disappointed him. This poor, malnourished boy has found food and shelter at Lucky Lucy but what he really needs is a forever home. He needs some love – he has already been waiting 7 years.

The third little one to be mentioned is Ruan, just over a month old, he lived his life on the streets and got stuck in a drain in Kuils River. After several attempts, Ruan was removed from the drain. He needed to go the vet urgently to have his wounds treated. He tested negative for Tick Bite fever and had a few old, infected wounds. He is a loving, peaceful boy who was delighted to learn that he has people to care for him at Lucky Lucy.

Next is Android, just over a month old,this sweet boy was found in Malmesbury. He too lived a life on the streets, not knowing where his next meal would come from. He had his first vet visit and he has mange but has luckily tested negative for Parvo and distemper. He is currently being treated for mange and will grow up to be a healthy, medium sized boy.

These are just four of the many orphans that belong to The Lucky Lucy family. We are dedicated to helping innocent animals such as the ones above. We know that you are interested in making a difference in their lives too. Please support us, if you can, to continue caring for the forgotten ones. Our banking details are reflected below and if you are interested in adopting any of these deserving animals, please contact us on adoption@luckylucy.org.

Ways to sponsor food and medical bills: Any amount is greatly appreciated and makes a difference!

1: The Lucky Lucy Foundation
Standard Bank
Account no : 410514039
Branch Code 023910,
Cape Gate
Reference Your name

2:SMS LUCY to 48899 to donate R10. Cost is R10 to subscriber. Network & admin fees apply.

3: DONATE VIA PAYPAL: accounts@luckylucy.org

Please e-mail proof of payment & contact details to contact@luckylucy.org or fax to 086 560 6775.
Please feel free to contact us at contact@luckylucy.org should you require any additional info and remember that we can issue a TAX Certificate for any donations made.


My name Shellby,

Date of Rescue : 2017.09.24
I’m a female Angulate tortoise, the common name ”rooipens” or “red belly” and they say that I’m about a year old. I’m one of the only tortoises on the African continent with a single throat shield. In South Africa, the angulate tortoise is further classified as a protected species by the Nature Conservation Ordinance No. 19 of 1974 (as amended in 2000) and may not be collected, transported, or possessed in, or imported into or exported from, the Western Cape Province without special permission in the form of a permit from the relevant conservation authorities.

This is my story ….
It all happened on the morning of the 24th of September 2017 when I found my way into one of the dog camps, which I knew could be dangerous, but with my adventurous nature I couldn’t help myself. The dogs didn’t know who or what I was and they were quite scared of me and tried to protect themselves. One got hold of me and before I could explain that I meant them no harm my carapace was cracked. Luckily for me two Lucky Lucy volunteers, Alex and Ampie found me and immediately took me away.

I gave a sigh of relief but my tiny body went into a bit of shock and I was taken to Panorama Vet where an amazing vet took care of me. They took an x-ray and saw no internal damage was caused. I got some anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medication to make sure that any wounds would heal fast. Once all my wounds are healed I will go back to see the reptile specialist at Panorama Vet Clinic for my carapace to be repaired. I will be a perfect little Princess in no time.

I will be released back onto the farm but this time it will be in “alCATraz – the fenced cat garden where I will be able to walk all over without fear or danger. I will have natural habitat to feed from and will be known as Queen Shellby of alCATraz. I don’t want to be released at this stage because of all the road works going on around the farms, it causes us to move into unknown territory and this is when we usually get into trouble. The volunteers and staff at the Lucky Lucy Foundation will keep an eye out for my friends and siblings to see if they are ok because all life is valued on this amazing farm we call our home.

At the moment I’m not using my back legs and they are a little worried about me but we will be going to Dr Bernice van Huyssteen for an examination. I will do another update after my vet visit with her.
I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mai Unger (another amazing volunteer at Lucky Lucy) who paid my after hours consultation at the vet. Thank you so much for giving me a second chance!

Then I want to say thank you to everyone who helped give me a name. I’m proud of my new name – it says that I’m loved and cared for. Please come and visit me once I’m back on the farm – you will enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the environment!

Until my next update …
All my Love


Pleas and Needs

In September we had a huge crisis when we were disconnected from the Eskom supply, because we were unable to pay a surprise outstanding amount. Lucky Lucy’s supporters came to our rescue like countless times before. A sterling effort from far and wide, your generosity brought tears to our eyes, and averted a desperate situation of being without power in a very cold September.

We cannot thank you enough. You’ve really opened your hearts to us and we will never ever forget this.








Upcoming Events

The CAT and DOG Stevens show
In aid of the Lucky Lucy Foundation

Die Boer
11 November 2017
R150 per person

Tickets: www.dieboer.com / 021 979 1911

Please consider bringing non-perishable items for the foundation. For a wish list, visit our Facebook page or www.luckylucy.org

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has launched an exciting competition – www.HillsTransformingLives.co.za – in which you can win amazing prizes and also help us and other animal charities and shelters.

Simply go to the www.HillsTransformingLives.co.za website and share your own story about how Hill’s food has transformed your pets life. If you don’t have a story to share (or don’t have a pet) you can simply like or share some of the stories already on the website. There are some incredible ‘tails’, it’s really worth a visit for all animal lovers.

Each month 10 winners will be randomly selected. They receive a shopping voucher worth R3, 000 (for Woolworths or Takealot) and can nominate their favourite registered animal NPO/charity to receive R3,000 of Hill’s pet food. That’s R30, 000 of Hill’s food being given away each month, from now until end December.
Even more exciting, in January 2018 one main winner will be chosen to win a Grand Holiday Prize worth R50 000 and R50 000 for their chosen charity (in either cash or Hill’s food).

Each time you share your story, persuade a friend to share their story, or like / share a story on the site that has touched your heart, you receive an entry into the competition.

#HillsTransformingLives #HillsLovesShelters



Lucky Lucy wants to express our gratitude to all the young helpers that we have. It’s commendable that so many of you give up your Saturdays and decline birthday party invites in order to help animals. We are impressed that you are so selfless at such a young age. We appreciate you and so does every animal!

It was an another amazing weekend – the turnout was incredible, the attitudes awesome and our volunteers totally wonderful. The energy on the farm was full of excitement and enthusiasm and the whole weekend was overwhelming.

A heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers who so selflessly gave of their time to walk our dogs and cuddle with our cats, take a minute to appreciate how awesome you really are.

Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky! – Sonia Gandhi


Rescue of the month

Thank you


Thank You for your support!

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