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2014-06-06 at 17:49


We have been very busy these past weeks and will be even busier the coming months. We will need assistance to begin Operation “Big Move” once new premises are confirmed.  New camps, a cattery and clinic will need to be erected and everything on the current farm will need to be transported.

Ways to help us :

1) We need funds – any donation, no matter how big or small would be appreciated.
The Lucky Lucy Charm property fund’ thermometer will be available on our Facebook page and website, together with our special ‘Lucy’s Lucky Charm Section’ where we will honor your suppawt.

Your name will be added to our COLOUR SECTION IN OUR ‘Lucy’s Lucky Charm Section’ on our web and Facebook page:
Sponsor up to R250—PURPLE status
Sponsor 1 square meter for R250—GREEN status
Sponsor 2 square meters for R500—BLUE status
Sponsor 4 square meters for R1000—SILVER status
Sponsor 20 square meters for R5000—GOLD section

Tax certificates for the donation given can be provided on request from
Companies that wish to help have the option for free advertising on our web page, newsletter and Facebook page.

Lucky Lucy Foundation
FNB Business Investment Account: Stellenbosch
Branch Code 200610
Account Number 62438107650

Remember to e-mail your contact details & proof of payment to or fax to 086 560 6775

4) We need to find homes for as many cats and dogs to help make the move easier. If you want to adopt a cat or dog please mail . If you cannot adopt, please share all our dogs and cats posts with your contacts and help us network the animals. You can also help by fostering a cat or dog.

5) We will need some building supplies to build the first camps before we move animals over. If you have any fencing, vibracrete, poles, paving slabs, shade cloth, please keep it until we move or if you have any contacts that will be able to donate, please share our plea with them. Please contact if you can help.

6) When we start erecting the  new camps we will need help with building of the camps, taking down existing Wendy houses and moving them to the new premises.  Please can all the handy men out there advise what you can help with.  Contact if you can assist.

7) We will need lots off stuff transported to the new premises, so everybody with bakkies, trucks and trailers let us know. If you cannot help with any of the above mentioned, please share our plea far and wide. Please contact if you can help.

We would like to thank everybody for their well wishes and to the people who have donated so far, the support has been truly humbling.  We can only make this happen and save our Foundation and all the animals with the help of you our supporters.

If anybody has any ideas please don’t hesitate to contact us at
Our Normal banking details for the day to day running that still needs to take place:

Lucky Lucy Foundation Banking details:
Standardbank Account number: 410514039
Branch code: 023910, Cape Gate
Ref: your name

For helping with our medical bills:

You can make a deposit directly to Envirovet CVC (Dr Roos)
Account Name: Envirovet CVC
Investec Bank
Account number: 10011012255
Branch: 580105
Reference: LLF or Lucky Lucy
Alternatively you can deposit directly in TAH account (vet)
Banking Details: A B S A
Account number: 9086157226
Branch: 542510
Ref: LLF 093674

SMS LUCY to 48899 to donate R10
Cost is R10 to subscriber. Network and admin fees apply.
NB! E-mail your contact details & proof of payment to or fax to 086 560 6775

Thank You!
From the Lucky Lucy Foundation



In loving memory  Diesel

 We’ve received some very sad news form Diesel’s Mom.

 “It is with great sadness and a broken heart that I need to tell you that my Diesel has crossed the rainbow bridge. I gave him a chunk of my heart to hang on to and I told him I will come fetch it back one day, in the mean time he must play with all the other dogs!! A VERY sad day for me…..” – Cherylann

Cherylann adopted senior gentleman (and HANDSOME!) Diesel a few years back. Cherylann, our hearts are aching with yours. He truly was a special boy. Thank you for providing him with a loving home for his last few years. He could not have asked for a better mom. It is a special person that takes in and loves an old furkid. You will be furever blessed. Big hugs and lotsa love to you during this very sad time. One day you will be reunited.

Billy Boy

It is with great sadness that we have to say we lost another golden oldie in foster care.
Astrid thanks for making Billy’s life as comfortable as possible and for showering him with love.
You are a special person for loving older special needs furkids.
Billy and Magnum are running around beyond the rainbow bridge and playing right now.
Rest in Peace my Billy Boy
How you loved running in your rickety hopping fashion to catch balls.
 How you adamantly persisted in winning every tug-of-war.
 How you rolled in the sunlit grass with your low grunt of pleasure.
How you admonished the far bigger dogs with your very own Billy-snarl.
 How you seduced me with your seductive “Weltschmerz” eyes.
Oh Billy
 Life was not very good to you, but I so hope I made some difference, my Boy.
 At least you learned that not all humans inflict pain.
 At least you discovered how pleasurable it is to be stroked and scratched.
 At least you experienced not to fear but to enjoy the soothing touch upon your whole body.
 And, you learned to play …
Billy, forgive me, but …
 No longer need you struggle to walk so bravely with your rickety bones.
 No longer need you suffer the cold discomfort of your chronic incontinence.
 And, no longer need you be haunted by that painful past of yours.
Billy, I miss you
With love

In loving memory Asher
Life is not fair, we had such high hopes and dreams for you little Asher. Why were you saved of a life time of neglect and only borrowed to us for a week? Why? Why? Why? We just wanted to shower you with love and make you healthy and happy again, but today your body could not fight the biliary anymore and you slipped away to a happier place. A place full of sunshine and love.

With your shy, sad face you’ve touched many lives in the short time that we’ve known you. You were and will always be a special boy, close to our hearts. Be a brave boy and wait for us with your new friends beyond the rainbow bridge until we meet again.

We love you Asher

Happy homings

Happy Big Boy! Look who found a home!!!
At 10 1/2 years old, he is the 3rd oldest furkid on the farm.
He came from a township with bad mange more than 2 years ago… and waited and waited…but no one looked at him, not even once!
So on Saturday he came home with me!
What can I say “I am a real sucker for the oldies”. My previous old LLF boy died 3 weeks ago and the time has come to open my heart to another golden oldie. He might have missing teeth, a grey muzzle and his body full of old age lumps… but he is the most beautiful boy and endless love to give. For the first 24 hours he refused to go outside the home going from bed to bed trying them all out. He might be old but he can jump on the bed, so he slept warm on the beddie with me the whole night. We only had a toilet break at 6 am and them back to sleep. Gorgeous LLF sister, Casey, has welcomed him with open paws.
We might not have years of each other’s company before the angels call this old man’s name, but we will cherish every second of it. Join me in wishing Big Boy health and a long life still! And most of all: Join me in giving a golden oldie a furever home…

Thank you’s


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