Special Newsletter 1 June 2014

2014-06-02 at 19:08

To all our supporters and volunteers!                                                    1 June 2014

Firstly may I thank our, staff, loyal volunteers and supporters for the tremendous effort being made to raise funds toward our property fund. In many cases 7 day weeks are being worked fund raising at every opportunity and the support we are receiving is heart-warming.

We have now confirmed that we need to have vacated the current premises by the end of October 2014! Whilst this places us all under even more pressure than before, at least we have a final date and we can work toward it and plan accordingly.

I am speaking to several individuals and entities that have expressed interest in assisting us with the acquisition of a property for LLF and I am hopeful that one of them will assist us in the near future. I am personally excited to move LLF to a new home where we can continue the work that LLF does currently and hopefully increase our positive impact on the abused animal population in the Western Cape.

As I am sure you all understand LLF still requires operating cost income, so not all the money collected in the past few months has been allocated to the property fund, however we have managed to allocate R100,000.00 to our property fund. We need a lot more than that to just move to our new property, so let’s all increase our efforts wherever possible and raise every cent we can.

We will keep you all updated as we progress and hopefully we can have a celebration weekend very soon!

My sincere thanks and Kind Regards

Please mail contact@luckylucy.org for any enquiries.

How to make a financial contribution to Lucy Lucy

What we have done this year

Our statistics so far this year


Please contact accounts@luckylucy.org if you would like any info regarding LLF’s financial statements.
The running costs to keep our furkids comfortable equate to approximately R130,000/month – this includes salaries, food, water, vet bills and medical supplies.
It’s been a challenging year for us with restructuring and trying to reduce costs where possible, due to the economic situation our donators are feeling the pinch too and we truly appreciate the support we receive.   

NPO Accredited Annual Reports | May 2014


We currently have 12 staff members of which 3 stay on the farm.

Luken        – Farm Supervisor
Anyway     – Kennel Manager
Jackson     – Maintenance Manager
Bonile       – Animal Rehabiliation Specialist
Thandi      – Assistant Kennel Manageress
Lunga       – Orderly
Luthando   – Orderly
Thembeka – Orderly
Buysiwa    – Orderly
Mbulela    – Orderly
Rasta       – Orderly
Nombeka  – Orderly

They are responsible for cleaning, feeding, walking and caring for the animals and all general maintenance tasks.  Luken and Anyway also do all collections and vet visits. 

The Lucky Lucy staff

Rehabilitation Activities at the Lucky Lucy Shelter


We have a wonderful group of volunteers who come to the farm every weekend to walk the dogs and spend some time loving them.
We have a dedicated team of volunteers (some are board members at LLF) who are responsible for all the admin.  This includes handling all enquiries, adoption enquiries and applications, home checks, Facebook, newsletters, finance, fundraising, helping with our outreach projects etc.  This is all done in their spare time so please be patient if you don’t get an immediate response, it’s not because we don’t want to, our day jobs interfere with our passion!
If you would like to volunteer please mail volunteer@luckylucy.org

Volunteering activities at the Lucky Lucy shelter

Latest Rescue:

We constantly get in very abused or neglected cases. They usually require special medical care which in turn escalates our medical bills.
While doing an outreach we found Hitler (now renamed to Asher)

Before picture of Asher - Patient with extreme mange
Hitler – Asher – Rescued 24 May 2014

Look into his eyes. Do you see the little boy crying out for some love?

Sometimes life delivers another kick to your soul. During our outreach today this sad scared little fellow was seen just sitting…. He has no life…. He just exists.

People wouldn’t even touch him, as they are afraid that whatever he has (mange) might be transferred to them. So he grew up not being touched for the better part of his life.

At first glance he looks like a pup, but they say he’s been around for about 2 years. What a life, or should we say “what a non-life”. They’ve named him Hitler, but he looks more like a victim of Hitler, like he comes out of a concentration camp.

Tonight he sleeps warm in our care with a full tummy and a blankie of his own.

Please send positive thoughts his way to let him know that we are there to not only care for him, but to also provide love. We can never make up for the months that he suffered; we can only make him a healthy and confident boy again. Love can change anything. It can even change a sad scared boy into a happy fellow. The way life is supposed to be. They don’t ask for much, just to be kept safe, healthy, fed and above all…. to be loved!

PS:. Please note that he came to us with his name already given to him by the people who had him. With a new life starting now, we have changed his name. His new name is Asher as suggested by a facebook fan and seemed the most popular with the public.

If you would like to share some love with him and help with his care please considerto make a donation.

Asher - Second week in rehad for mange

Bucky feedback on leg operation.

Outreach Projects

We continue to help out in Vissershok and Klipheuwel but we have also started to work on various farms. This past weekend we visited a farm to do a census on all the animals and what they need. There are about 80 cats and dogs that need to be sterilized and they all need deworming and vaccinations.  Some will also need treatment for mange and other medical issues.

We will be going back soon to dip and start assisting the animals. We will do some educational talks especially amongst the children.
We try to help the community by taking second hand clothes and sweet packs for the children on the day we go, any contributions would be greatly appreciated if you stay in the Cape Town area – please mail adele.spreeth@hotmail.com.

If you would like to make a monetary donation please see our banking details and use reference: Outreach

Bellevue outreach program

Thank you for all the suppawt! 

If you can not see the wonderful pictures in this email, please contact us – newsletter@luckylucy.org

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