Tinktinkie – U2018004

2018-05-18 at 21:30

Tintinkie is the sweetest boy who loves company: Cats, dogs and humans.

Lala – F2018024

2018-05-15 at 13:09

Lala is a super happy girl who loves attention and has lots of love to give. She is very well behaved and housetrained. She gets on well with other dogs, not sure about cats and would make a grea…

Kallie – O2018018

2018-04-21 at 15:03

Very friendly and happy boy!

Krishi – F2018021

2018-04-21 at 15:03

Loving and playful – ready for adoption.

Sophie – D2018051

2018-04-21 at 15:03

Sweet girl ready for adoption.

Sweetie-Pie – D2018041

2018-04-21 at 15:03

Lovley girl waiting for a perfect home.

Klara-aka-Brownie – O2018003

2018-04-21 at 15:02

Awesome personality – waiting to be adopted.

Fanta-aka-Sassy – F2018017

2018-04-15 at 15:28

Sassy is a gorgeous Jack Russel who would love to be your best friend.

Tyson – D2018048

2018-03-26 at 12:03

I am a little shy and unsure, but once I trust you, I will be your loyal, companion forever

Stacey – D2018046

2018-03-26 at 12:03

Stacey a mixed breed wire haired terrier is the ultimate little girl. Her sweet personality will melt your heart