Rocket-aka-Shwi-b1 – D2015067

2017-12-04 at 16:48

Mom Shwi came to us when her babies were only a few hours old. She has the most amazing gentle nature and is medium sized (about knee height). We do not know who the dad is but expect the kids to b…

Abby – D2015260

2017-10-30 at 21:36

Abby is a very special girl. She is blind but that does not prevent her from seeing with her heart. She adjust remarkably quick to new surroundings. She is craving companionship from a special pers…

Swaggy-aka-AT-pup-1 – D2017083

2017-10-20 at 20:37

Swaggy is a shy but handsome puppy that will probably be a large dog.

Outlaw – D2011068

2017-10-20 at 20:26

Outlaw is definitely not a rebel but a gorgeous fellow! He gets on well with other canine friends. He is medium in size.
Outlaw doesn`t ask for much, just your love and attention and a warm place …

Brandy – D2011013

2017-10-20 at 20:14

She is a hound cross that is just so happy and fast on 3 legs. She is open minded, fun, friendly a best friend that totally loves to eat and play. Brandy is just joyful, sweet and an intelligent pr…

M-`n-M – D2011062

2017-10-20 at 20:14

Collie cross girl waiting with vigor and eagerness to love and please. She is obedient, loyal, a problem-solver and soooo devoted! She just makes everyone love her and smile all day long!

Pickle – D2011073

2017-10-20 at 20:14

A gorgeous black jewel with lots of love to give. Can she crash on your bed?

Lara – D2011061

2017-10-20 at 20:14

Lara is a shy girl but has a heart full of love.

Maison – D2014260

2017-09-20 at 20:50

Prince Charming, MAISON, is still waiting for his furever home.

He did not get to LLF on a white horse, but he came…. out of the blue…. over a wall….in a bag….
THIS is ho…

Rosa – D2012199

2017-09-16 at 21:11

This gorgeous girl is looking for a furever home to call her own. She has spend her whole life in a shelter and needs a happy furever after.