Foster Parents

Foster homes are the backbone of our organization and are essential to provide the care needed for our orphans to make their transition back into a forever home. We need foster homes in order to rescue animals set to be euthanized or those who need to get a better opportunity outside of the shelter.

This gives the animal the time needed to be re-homed into a dedicated, responsible environment. Foster homes are also able to assist in overcoming any side-effects and stress the animal is experiencing from their journey and help us make the best decisions on placement and needs for our pets.

While being foster parents, you will be entitled to free veterinary support for your foster furkid from Lucky Lucy. All vaccinations, boosters, ad-hoc veterinary treatments, microchipping, sterilisation will be provided for, without cost to you. All we ask of you is to introducing the furkid to a family life worthy of a well loved pet, in a stress-free, loving environment. And to ensure that all the furkids in our foster care program are well adapted to human and fellow pet companionship.

To become a Foster parent, please mail our foster team at: