Earn Free Rewards Through UBU

2019-04-03 at 08:30

Lucky Lucy and UBU.world, has joined forces to bring you a great opportunity to get free rewards, goods and services!

UBU Project

What is UBU.World you may ask?

ProjectUBU is a network effects ecosystem that unlocks trapped asset value and distributes it to participants.

It consists of four primary components:

  1. The UBU, a freely issued digital token of exchange that derives its value from underutilised assets;
  2. The treasury, an algorithmically programmed blockchain issuer of UBUs;
  3. The UBX, a cryptotoken that acts as the bootstrap mechanism by rewarding certain classes of participants for the risk they invest in the ecosystem; (Officially listed on Doshgen on 2 April, 2019!)
  4. A freely available powerful global marketing platform that allows certain participants to leverage network effects for exponential returns.

You can read more about UBU.world here

What’s in it for me?

All you need to do is Join UBU.world TODAY with through this link, as every person that does so, receives a bonus 500 UBU on activation and another 100’s UBUs everyday for as long as you are active. These can be redeemed for rewards and all of this, is absolutely FREE of charge. Best of all, Lucky Lucy gets bonus UBUs upon your enrolment which can be used to obtain goods and services such as pet food and/or veterinary care.

So what are you waiting for, join a wold of free rewards with no catch, through UBU.world and the Lucky Lucy Foundation.