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2018-01-18 at 23:19

Dear Lucky Lucy Volunteers and Supporters
I hope all of you have returned safely from your holiday destinations and are well rested – 2018 is upon us and there will undoubtedly be many challenges that require our energy and input.
The Lucky Lucy Foundation received formal notification of registration of its Trademark in classes 36, 43 and 44 during December. These processes take years to complete so we are all happy that this important part of the Foundation’ structure is now secure.
2017 was a tough year for ALL organizations operating within the animal welfare sector, including LLF. We have taken a number of steps to reduce our fixed and operating expenditure and will continue to look for ways to operate more efficiently, however we ask that you continue your support during 2018, as without it we will simply not be able to continue to care for the animals in our care, continue with the necessary work to re-home as many of the animals in our care as possible or carry on with the various outreach programs within our area of activity.
Many of the Lucky Lucy volunteers are consistently active on fund raising events during the year but we would welcome any assistance to raise funds using raffles, cake sales etc. These events are reasonably easy to organize and if done regularly contribute substantially to the fund raising efforts. Our team is already busy with their events so it would help greatly if any of you could organize and run the new events in their entirety – we would all be very grateful!
Whilst the road crews have been on an extended break I expect that our entrance will change within the first quarter of 2018. The new entrance is ready and the road that circles the farm and provides access on the southern board is almost complete. When the access changes permanently we will distribute a map showing the new access route clearly and post same on the website. We believe the new route will add 1.6km to the distance from the CT side. The internal road, that will run up to the shelter area from the new gate still requires resurfacing by the road crews.
Our sincere thanks for your support of and visits to the LLF shelter during 2017 and we all look forward to seeing you there during 2018.
Kind Regards
The Lucky Lucy Management Board

Ed: As luck would have it, as we send this letter to you, we have been informed on Friday 12 Jan that our existing entrance will no longer be allowed to be used. Please consult our Facebook page and website contact page for an update on how to get to the farm.

Pleas & Needs
WARNING – The picture below is of a graphic nature!
Whilst everyone is getting into the Festive spirit preparing for a memorable Christmas filled with love, laughter and fun with friends and family some cannot escape their circumstances where their daily struggle is to stay alive.
Although we want to believe that this Festive Season will bring harmony we cannot ignore the sadness that goes hand in hand with this time of the year. This morning we were alerted to a dog in a serious condition as he was attacked by another dog in the community.
We rushed to the scene where we were greeted with the gruesome sight of Simba. The skin on half of his back was ripped off by another dog during a fight he could not have avoided. We rushed him to our vets at Bergzicht in Malmesbury to see if we can save this boy.

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Upcoming Events

The CAT and DOG Stevens show In aid of the Lucky Lucy Foundation
Die Boer 7 April 2018 R160 per person Tickets can be booked directly at Die Boer for R160 pp www.dieboer.com / (021) 979-1911 Please consider bringing non-perishable items for the foundation.
For a list of needs, visit www.luckylucy.org

Up for Adoption

Gone but not forgotten


The goal of our volunteer program is to inspire you to not only make a difference in your own life but also in the lives of the animals at our Sanctuary. If you are interested to become part of this life changing experience then please send us an email to volunteer@luckylucy.org. In the video you will notice that the fun is not only for the dogs that went on a beech trip but also for the volunteers that took them – the fun is for everyone and the rewards are endless! https://youtu.be/mfrRIpoM1d8

Thank you to all our special volunteers who visited us on the weekend of the 6th of January 2018. It was a another great weekend filled with fun filled activities. The turnout were amazing, the attitudes were just awesome and our volunteers were just wonderful and the energy and excitement was overwhelming.
You may not realize this but you are the real life champions in the lives of all our cats and dogs that you cuddle and walk with every weekend. Thank you for volunteering at our Foundation and thank you for showing each and every animal in our care what real love is all about. Just take a minute to appreciate how awesome you are.
“Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much more ~ Helen Keller”
We start walking the dogs at 08:00 on a Saturday morning – so please come and have some fun and exercise. If you would like to inquire about volunteering at the Lucky Lucy Foundation, please email us at volunteer@luckylucy.org and we will forward you all the necessary information to become part of our volunteering team. Hope to see you soon!

Thank You
On Saturday the 16th of December 2017 we had our Christmas lunch for our staff to say Thank You for a year of hard work and dedication. As we reflect on another year the things we are grateful for is our dedicated and committed staff.
Thank you for the hard work you have done for this Organisation during 2017 and we are proud to have such an excellent team working with our animals. We just wanted to let our staff know that having them on our team makes all the difference and that is why it’s important to us that we take this special occasion to say thank you for what they have done for our animals and for the Communities we work in.
It is extremely important to find people you can count on especially people with a gift, passion and compassion for the animals. It warms our hearts to say that each one of you are one of those amazing employees. Thanks for all your hard work through 2017. It’s been so busy lately, but there is always time to stop and say Thank You for your help, your support and dedication. It was great working with each one of you and you are one of the reasons for our success this year.
Our sincerest thanks for the contribution each one of you have made through this difficult and very busy year. Thank you for being such an important part of our team.




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