September 2014-4

2014-09-26 at 03:59

The temporary cattery is nearly finished for the cats to move in! We are starting to count the weeks before the “big move” but urgently need help. Over the last couple of weeks the board members, staff and dedicated volunteers have been working very hard on the new farm. We […]

September 2014-3

2014-09-19 at 04:15

We are now starting to count the weeks before the big move. Over the next 5-6 weeks we have to finish all the dog camps, the rehabilitation camps for dogs and the quarantine area. The cats will be moved to a temporary cattery and kittenary until we have the approved […]

Sep 2014-2

2014-09-15 at 17:23

We HAVE LESS THAN 2 MONTHS!!! They’ve already marked where the new road willgo through! Right through the middle of our shelter!!! We desperately need your help. We were extremely fortunate to have been donated land and we’ve been slaving away on the new farm while maintaining the current premises and […]

August 2014/3

2014-08-25 at 17:12

We had another busy week. Nearly all the poles of the perimeter camp area are planted and we will start with the fencing soon. We urgently need fencing: Diamond mesh – 3m height, 15m rolls, 2.5mm thickness and a 50mm diamond(NB – Galvanized). We need 140 rolls and they will […]

August 2014/2

2014-08-13 at 03:33

As we open our hearts and enfold little Byron in our arms we just realised once again how difficult life can be when you find yourself all alone. This little kitten of about 10 weeks of age has had a ordeal that none of us can even begin to imagine. […]

Audust 2014/1

2014-08-05 at 18:11

Two baby pit bull angels were rescued from a life of hell on Saturday 2 Aug 2014 and brought to our shelter by caring people. Even with a shelter already overflowing, we just had one look at these precious ones and welcomed them with open arms. What horrible life they […]

July 2014/6

2014-07-29 at 18:25

We had a very successful microchip day on Saturday 26 July 2014 where we micro chipped more than 200 cats and dogs. Many people donated cupcakes that we sold and we are very grateful for all the donations and support. This coming weekend we are starting to erect fencing on […]

Mandela day at LLF

2014-07-24 at 05:45

We would like to thank everybody who supported Mandela Day. We had groups of people on the old farm walking and loving the dogs and on the new farm the volunteers cleaned and painted the 2 houses. We also received lots of donations and we cannot thank you enough. We […]

Old Mutual Golf Club Donation

2014-07-14 at 08:42

On Saturday, 5 July 2014,  Burt Williams of the Old Mutual Golf Club (OMGC), handed The Lucky Lucy Foundation a cheque for R30,000.00! OMGC members held special golfing events and auctions during a year of fund raising and the R30,000.00 was the result of all their efforts. The Lucky Lucy […]

Lucky Lucy Future

2014-06-18 at 04:20

Securing the future of Lucky Lucy Dear Lucky Lucy Staff, Guardian Angels and Supporters, As you all know, LLF was given notice to vacate the current property by the end of October 2014. We have been searching for a property to buy or lease since we received that notice and […]